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Sharon Easky teaser

PrivatBank plots course through Ukrainian storms

Today 09:04 am

Sharon Easky, chairperson of PrivatBank’s supervisory board, on the legal challenges which followed the bank’s nationalisation and the ongoing struggle to bring reform to Ukraine.

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Asia’s supply chains reconfigure for a post-coronavirus world

Today 09:04 am

The coronavirus shutdowns brought Asia’s supply chains to a halt, requiring quick action to adapt them and their financing. Kimberley Long reports.  

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China’s smaller banks emerge as star performers

Today 09:04 am

While China boasts many of the world’s biggest banks by Tier 1 capital, a deeper dive into performance metrics shows that it is often the country’s smaller banks that perform better.

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ECB teaser

European retail banking in need of a revolution

August 5, 2020

European retail banks were facing numerous challenges before the coronavirus pandemic hit and are under even more pressure now. They will need to embrace change if they are to survive.

Corrado Passera teaser

Illimity CEO focused on opportunities in SME banking space

August 5, 2020

Corrado Passera, the founder and CEO of digital bank Illimity, believes focus is important and has identified potential among small and medium-sized companies, clients he claims traditional banks have underestimated.

Brian Caplen blog 2016

Is regulation fit for purpose?

August 4, 2020

The acceleration to online banking and finance caused by the Covid-19 crisis is showing up gaps in regulation.

Digital remittances

Digital remittances dominate as pandemic hits cash

August 3, 2020

With cash falling out of favour as a result of Covid-19, the global remittances industry has seen a surge in digital transactions, improving the reach of the sector while also lowering costs. 

NYSE teaser

Firing up the equity capital markets

August 3, 2020

A mix of “distressed”, “insurance” and “opportunistic” transactions are driving a busy period for equity capital markets.  

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ESG to spark a revolution in corporate reporting

August 5, 2020

Investors are keen to understand the impact companies are having on the environment and society at large, but gathering and presenting that data remains a complex task.

Corporate Statement

Navigating a New Era in Commercial Lending

August 5, 2020

COVID-19 continues to slam several U.S. states – sickening people, overwhelming hospitals, slashing employment and closing businesses large and small. There is another type of wave building on the horizon – and it is lining up to challenge small business lenders in the U.S. over the next few months. Here Raja Sengupta, Executive Vice President of Wolters Kluwer Lien Solutions, and Dan Massoni, former Executive Vice President of Institutional Credit Risk Management at American Express, shed some light on how lenders can apply risk management practices to set the stage for long-term growth when working with borrowers, issuing new loans, and participating in federal lending programs.

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Innovation in Digital Banking 2020 logo

The Banker Innovation in Digital Banking Awards 2020

July 31, 2020

The winners of The Banker's Innovation in Digital Banking Awards 2020 have illustrated the art of the possible in digital banking. 

Silvia Pavoni teaser

How to be a better bank

July 31, 2020

Banks are under pressure to finance the transition to a greener, more sustainable future, while at the same time remaining profitable.

Podcast: Covid-19’s impact on the tech start-up community

Yifat Oron, CEO of LeumiTech, the high-tech banking arm of Israel’s Bank Leumi, talks to The Banker's Joy Macknight about the coronavirus lock-down's impact on the global technology start-up community.

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Coronavirus response map

The Banker tracks governments' and central banks' emergency measures in worst-hit areas.

Top 1000 World Banks Regional Commentary & Analysis


Social bonds see bumper first half year

July 29, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly shifted market dynamics for sustainable finance bond issuance. 

Top 1000 World Banks 2020: the biggest and the best

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Reg Rage

Glimpse of post-Brexit UK regime reveals nothing radical

The UK has given the first real look at what it intends to do with its financial regulatory regime once it leaves the EU’s economic arrangements at the end of the year – and, in short, it is not that different to now. By Justin Pugsley.


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