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NatWest launches new digital customer platform; fully integrates Rooster Money

NatWest is developing a new customer engagement platform to support ‘human touch’ banking; meanwhile pocket money app Rooster Money becomes fully integrated with the bank. 

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Thai banks search for growth in stuttering economy

When Thailand’s banks were hit with a ratings downgrade, it created uncertainty across the sector. With the country reopening to tourists and the banks exploring new growth models, there is hope of a return to form.

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Emerging technology: hot utility or just hype?

Forrester’s recent report assesses levels of adoption of emerging technologies in banks, including AI, 5G and quantum computing.

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Big changes, but no big bang for UK capital markets

The Treasury’s recently announced changes following its wholesale capital markets review are significant, but not revolutionary — at least not for now.

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MAS builds up its crypto capabilities

Singapore’s central bank governor provides insight into its regulatory approach to the crypto sector, which aims to mitigate risks while leaving the door open for opportunities to co-create solutions with the industry.

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Eurozone banks under fire for poor climate risk disclosures

Lenders from the eurozone face increasing pressure and possible enforcement action for failing to meet the European Central Bank’s climate risk disclosure expectations.


A custodian of transformation and innovation

Joanne Hannaford, chief technology and operations officer and member of the executive board at Credit Suisse, is taking on ‘the largest transformation project in Europe’.

Bracken June 22

Learning lessons from nature as we futureproof economies

Investing in a circular economy can help fight climate change, as well as reduce waste and energy consumption.

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CAR’s bitcoin currency gambit

The central African government’s move to embrace bitcoin highlights the growing importance of cryptocurrencies across the continent, with central banks playing catch up. 

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Portugal’s banks in good shape as they brace for economic fallout

Resilience gained through the painful post-global financial crisis restructuring has helped Portugal’s banks emerge from the pandemic with stable capital ratios, improved asset quality and ample liquidity.

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Citi transforms its healthcare and consumer offering

Chuck Adams, Citi’s global head of healthcare, consumer and retail investment banking, talks about the tectonic shifts taking place across the healthcare and consumer landscape, and how the bank is responding.

Mario Centeno

Risk-reduction measures stand Portuguese banking sector in good stead

Mário Centeno, governor of Portugal’s central bank and former finance minister, speaks to Peter Wise about the resilience of the Portuguese banking sector and the challenges ahead.

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Banks' experiments in the metaverse

Banks have begun to take tentative steps into the metaverse, exploring how they can bring their services to this fully-digital channel. With questions around the use of cryptocurrencies and the form regulation may take, there is still some way to go before banks are offering a full metaverse experience.


Top 500 Banking Brands 2022

While the past two years of operating under pandemic conditions have taken their toll on businesses and the global economy, the world’s biggest banking brands have managed to increase their value. Liz Lumley reports.

FM 2022

Finance Minister of the Year 2022

The Banker's Finance Minister of the Year 2021 awards celebrate the officials that have best managed to stimulate growth and stabilise their economy. 

CBG 2022

Central Banker of the Year 2022

The Banker's Central Banker of the Year 2021 awards celebrate the officials that have best managed to stimulate growth and stabilise their economy. 

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BOTY Awards 2021 thumbnail

The Banker’s Bank of the Year Awards 2021

It has been an exceptionally competitive year for The Banker’s Bank of the Year Awards, making this year’s winners all the more deserving of the Bracken trophy.

Top Technologies to Scale Business Model Innovations – Scaling Digital Business Model Innovation Ch 4/4

The Banker’s Liz Lumley speak to Mohit Joshi, president, Infosys and Sanat Rao, CEO and global head of Infosys Finacle about why is business model innovation so important and how can incumbents scale for success.

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From financial crime, domestic abuse and financial control to addictions that impact your bank balance - what role do banks play in creating a safe space to take charge of your life?

Liz Lumley, deputy editor at The Banker sits down with a number of industry leaders and three leading banks to discuss what role banks have to play in our complicated lives.

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A strong start to year for European securitisation issuance

Total issuance in the first quarter was up 31.6% year-on-year.

Total issuance

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Reg Rage

Banks menaced by the Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The return of rampant inflation and geopolitics resembles a rerun of a shoddy 1970s B-movie. It certainly has regulators worried, and should concern global bank CEOs as well.

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