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The Bracken column is named after Brendan Bracken, the founding editor of The Banker in 1926 and chairman of the modern-day Financial Times from 1945 to 1958.

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Multilatinas herald a new age of Latin American integration

November 1, 2011

Latin America's up-and-coming 'multilatinas' appear to be succeeding where many have previously failed: in achieving a form of unification across the region. However, if the financial sector is to emulate its business counterpart, the tricky task of reaching a broad regulatory consensus will be essential.

A solution to the debt problem? A licence to print money

October 3, 2011

As developed economies throughout the world continue to struggle with spiraling debt problems, it is time the rethink the model of money creation.

An open letter to the minister of finance of Ruritania

September 1, 2011

Pathological procrastination by sovereign debtors in acknowledging the severity of their problem and commencing the necessary workout process can make the ultimate resolution of the crisis far more costly for all concerned.

Improving creditors’ rights in Russia

August 1, 2011

Russian legislation contains mechanisms allowing the recovery of debts, but experience suggests that the reality can be very different from the theory.

Fund managers must serve their clients better

June 30, 2011

Fund managers should use technology and a leaner business model to provide investors with an honest, transparent and fair fee structure.

London remains the financial capital of the world

June 1, 2011

A BNP Paribas Real Estate survey has found that 82% of respondents consider London to be the world's leading financial centre, helping to assuage fears that the financial crisis had weakened its position.

Has the banking industry moved too early on CoCos?

May 4, 2011

Regulators are desperate to find a capital instrument that provides a buffer for institutions, but also satisfies investors. Issuance, in a variety of forms, has already begun. But with so many questions still unanswered, have regulators and issuers moved too early?

Basel III drives operational risk rethink

March 18, 2011

As banks prepare for the implementation of Basel III, operational risk management needs to be a key area of focus.

Shareholders must join the debate on bankers' pay

February 14, 2011

Institutional shareholders have to accept a major share of the blame for bankers' excessive compensation, and at some point will have to up their game if they do not want to lose ever more influence on their businesses to politicians.

Wealth managers need to rebuild trust for disillusioned clients

January 28, 2011

This year will be a challenging one for the wealth management industry, with many clients increasingly disillusioned with their managers. Restoring trust must be a top priority, but with continuous product-pushing by the large bank groups, a failure to communicate with clients when it matters most and, perhaps most importantly, the lack of transparency in fee structures, an overhaul of how some wealth managers conduct themselves is needed.

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