RSS feeds are a quick and easy way to get the news that matters most to you as soon as it is published (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary). These feeds contain headlines, links and descriptions and are updated as the website is updated with new stories. Follow these simple steps to get started with RSS.

Step one
Download or sign-up to a news reader service where you can access all your feeds in one place. You can use popular feed readers such as Google Reader, Newsgator, NetNewsWire or Bloglines, which are free and simple to use. In a similar way you can set up a personal page such as MyYahoo!, iGoogle or MyAOL and follow their instructions to add content.

An alternative is to access feeds though your web browser. If you use a browser such as Firefox, Safari, Opera or a recent version of Internet Explorer, just click on the RSS button and choose where you want to display your feeds.

Step two
To add a feed to your reader, click on the feed you want from the list below. You can then either copy and paste the feed url into your reader or add the feed to your reader using the one click subscription option.

Step three
Repeat the process until you have all the feeds you need. Your feed reader should now update with headlines from your chosen feeds as they are published.


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