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Is a rethink needed on the CDM?

October 28, 2009

Whatever happens at the UN meetings in Copenhagen this December, the carbon markets will have to re-examine the structures put in place by the Kyoto Protocol, not least the Clean Development Mechanism. But is it beyond repair or just in need of a tune-up? Writer Jim Kharouf

Tackling climate change

October 5, 2009

Global leaders must find a common policy to tackle climate change, and must do so immediately, regardless of the additional challenges posed by the economic downturn.


Can climate change help propagate Guyana's economy?

August 4, 2009

The Guyanese government is looking to the small South American country's vast, untouched rainforests as a means of promoting eco-friendly development. Writer Brian Caplen

All eyes on Copenhagen

August 4, 2009

The world is waiting with anticipation for the December climate summit in Copenhagen, where the world's biggest polluters, the US and China, are expected to announce proposals that could significantly reduce global emissions. Writer Hamish Risk

LatAm banks take CSR plunge

July 7, 2009

Banks across Latin America are gradually signing up to the rules designed to ensure major project finance is environmentally responsible. But take-up is still slow and commitment varies from institution to institution. Writer Jane Monahan

Wind of change : T Boone Pickens

January 5, 2009

Oil tycoon T Boone Pickens is investing billions in building the world’s largest wind farm in Texas, which in turn will free up natural gas for transportation and reduce US reliance on oil. Interview by Karen E Thuermer.

Bjørn Lomborg

January 5, 2009

One impact of the credit crunch is that there is less money available for social causes. However, a panel of economic experts has been assembled to advise governments, businesses and NGOs on which causes should be prioritised.

Linking the carbon value chain

December 1, 2008

Banks are at the heart of the carbon business, originating and funding emission reduction projects, trading allowances and offsets, and creating structured products. But just as many projects become more capital intensive, will financial meltdown and recession put the brakes on the business? Writer Geraldine Lambe.

Water: Options for a thirsty world

October 6, 2008

In true corporate fashion, many private companies are transforming the global water scarcity threat into an opportunity introducing new technology and financial products. Writer Silvia Pavoni.

Harvest for the world?

October 6, 2008

The world has yet to descend into an anarchic series of food-related riots, as some feared it might. Crop prices have eased, but this is no time for governments to rest on their laurels. Writer Charlie Corbett.

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