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Neal Shear

May 7, 2007

Morgan Stanley’s co-head of securities sales and trading, Neal Shear, explains why the firm reorganised the structure of its institutional securities, and the effect his role heading the trading division will have on risk taking. Kathryn Tully reports.

Coming of age

April 2, 2007

The development of Islamic hedge funds and other complex instruments, as well as the provision of mortgages for a market hungry for property, shows how far the Islamic finance industry has come and where it is heading, write Mark Ford and Jon Marks.

On the bandwagon

April 2, 2007

Covered bond issuance out of the US will not only widen the global market, but also deepen the investor base for the European issuers, writes Michael Marray.

The universe is expanding

April 2, 2007

As more jurisdictions join the covered bond market, investors are taking the opportunity to diversify their portfolios. Michael Marray looks at which countries are making waves.

Feeding the flame

April 2, 2007

Although covered bond issuance is booming in the UK, legislation to bring the country in line with the EU is in the pipeline. Michael Marray reports on the advantages this will bring for the market.

New investors dive into the loan assets market

April 2, 2007

The growth of loan issuance has been accompanied by a record increase in secondary market trading and the arrival of derivatives linked to these assets. Natasha de Terán explores how the market is developing.

Nowhere to run if the hammer falls

April 2, 2007

The great crash of 2007 may not materialise but already it is clear that, if it does, there are few places to hide. Asset classes are linked together in a way unseen previously and a problem in one class will likely impact on another one.

Nick Teller

April 2, 2007

The CEO of Commerzbank’s corporates and markets division is meeting his brief to cut costs and risk but, he tells Geraldine Lambe, under his aegis there will also be selective growth.

Globalisation poses new challenges

April 2, 2007

National monetary policy must not only be determined within a domestic framework but is also influenced by global economic indicators. In the new era, central banks face serious challenges, says Jacques de Larosiére.

Gateway to automation

March 5, 2007

Due to lack of investment, over-the-counter derivatives trading practices remain hopelessly unautomated. But, as Natasha de Terán reports, an industry-wide solution using web-based technology is in the pipeline.

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