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Top 1000 World Banks - European bank results reveal their mettle

January 11, 2022

Europe’s banks survived the pandemic, even extending support for their respective economies. But there is still scope for improved profitability and consolidation in future.

Saudi Arabia's SAIB punches above its weight for performance

September 1, 2021

Saudi Investment Bank showed the country’s larger lenders the way on asset quality and return on risk, to take the laurels for best performance. 

Investec outruns its rivals in South Africa

September 1, 2021

Investec topped the South Africa performance rankings and climbed up 63 places in the overall Top 1000 ranking. Its ‘Big Four’ peers fared less well.

First Bank Nigeria bucks trend by increasing Tier 1 capital

September 1, 2021

Nigeria’s banks have had a tough year, as the economy hit a two-decade low. 

A difficult year for Indonesia’s banks

September 1, 2021

Indonesia’s biggest banks have slipped down the Top 1000 ranking, though some have grown their Tier 1 capital. 

Japan’s banks hit growth plateau

September 1, 2021

Japan’s banks held on in a volatile environment but saw little capital growth. 

South Korea’s banks show solid capital growth

September 1, 2021

South Korea’s banks have had a good year for Tier 1 capital growth, which has helped several move up the Top 1000 ranking.

US mutual bank’s IPO positions it at the top

September 1, 2021

The conversion from a mutual to a publicly traded holding company helped Eastern Bank boost its financial strength during an uncertain environment for the banking industry.

New arrivals at lowest level for more than 10 years

September 1, 2021

China fields the largest number of new entrants in 2021, led by Mengshang Bank, but low M&A activity means far fewer banks have joined the ranking overall. 

China steady through the Covid storm

September 1, 2021

China’s biggest banks dominate the global rankings once more, with strong increases in their Tier 1 capital. 

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