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Fund processing plays catch-up

July 28, 2010

Much work has been done to standardise and automate fund processing, with several commercial solutions available, but the cost of processing fund transactions is still significantly higher than for bonds or equities and this is hampering critical mass. Is a more centralised market infrastructure needed to tackle processing costs? Writer Frances Maguire

Regulation collaboration comes closer

July 6, 2010

An unprecedented overhaul of the securities industry is taking place under politically mandated reform. This is forcing markets and regulators to work more closely together to ensure that there is no repeat of the recent financial crisis. Writer Frances Maguire

Direct approach for CCPs

December 30, 2009

New legislation for over-the-counter derivatives from the European Commission next year will include a central counterparty directive. But what are the implications of the new law? Writer Frances Maguire

Post-trade, post-crisis: Smoothing the curve

December 30, 2009

Post-trade processing is an expensive overhead for financial firms, while the potential operational risk associated with trade breaks and bottlenecks is attracting increasing regulatory scrutiny. Writer, Frances Maguire

Post-trade processing: The new imperative

November 27, 2009

Banks' back offices were exposed by the recent crisis as inefficient, lacking in scalability and ripe for increased regulatory scrutiny. Policy-makers and regulators, meanwhile, began to call for the creation of centralised industry utilities, in a bid to reduce the systemic risk associated with the trading, processing and clearing of a variety of complex products.

Post-trade processing: Building new models

June 4, 2009

Both governments and global regulators are pushing banks and money managers to streamline their post-trade processing operations, improve transparency and to take a real-time approach in the back-office environment.

Hedge funds say quality counts

May 5, 2009

In the wake of the collapse of two major banks - Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns - global custodian banks are persuading increasingly wary hedge fund managers to consider placing some of their assets into their relatively safe hands, rather than risk placing everything with prime brokers. Writer Frances Maguire

MiFID makes its mark

April 7, 2009

Growing competition in the post-trade clearing and settlement infrastructure, brought about by MiFID, could dramatically reshape Europe's custody market. Writer Frances Maguire

Number’s up for counterparties

December 1, 2008

In recent months, the securities lending market has suffered from a febrile equities environment and ongoing restrictions on short-sell positions. Can the introduction of central counterparty services restore the sector’s fortunes? Writer Frances Maguire.

Getting the house in order

November 3, 2008

While the current market turmoil has slowed lending volumes, the industry is still going ahead with tackling the processing inefficiencies of the secondary loan market. Writer Frances Maguire.

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