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Political events mark transitory year

November 7, 2005

Highly capitalised and with abundant liquidity, Lebanon’s top-tier banks remain optimistic about their prospects despite difficult political circumstances, writes James Gavin with Jon Mark.

Saudi’s new bond market beckons

November 7, 2005

The pace of Saudi capital market reform is quickening, with the establishment of a secondary market in government bonds, write James Gavin and Jon Marks.

Oman attracts regional interest

August 1, 2005

Consolidation has been the watchword for Omani banks in recent years. With the entry of a new Qatari player, consolidation is helping to internationalise the Muscat financial market, writes Jon Marks, with James Gavin and Eleanor Gillespie.

Broader horizons

August 1, 2005

A wind of change is quietly blowing through key sectors of the Kuwaiti economy which is slowly opening up to foreign businesses, writes Jon Marks, with Kevin Godier and James Gavin.

Projects flow

August 1, 2005

Bahrain’s economy has benefited from diversification, and Manama’s status as the Gulf’s premier financial hub is not under imminent threat, write James Gavin and Kevin Godier.
Bahrain’s relative lack of hydrocarbon resources has helped it to become one of the region’s most diversified economies, stimulating a steady flow of project finance and other corporate activities in a range of sectors.

Resilient market proves its mettle

July 4, 2005

The Lebanese economy has survived yet another political crisis, write Jon Marks and James Gavin.

Bahrain bolsters the Islamic finance industry

October 4, 2004

The burgeoning Sukuk bond market is just one sign of the global Islamic financial services industry’s spectacular growth, which Bahrain is promoting by providing a sound investment and regulatory environment. James Gavin and Jon Marks report.

Oil wealth offers new opportunity

August 2, 2004

As Saudi Arabia remains flush from booming oil prices, and opens its banking sector up to competition, the kingdom’s institutions are making aggressive plays for the consumer market and other new business. James Gavin, Jon Marks and Paul Melly report .With international banks set to enter Saudi Arabia’s previously guarded markets, as the long-awaited capital market law comes into effect, the threat of increased competition is looming on the horizon for the country’s banks.

Consumers run for cover

March 3, 2004

Root and branch reform of the Saudi insurance sector beckons rich pickings for underwriters and banks, writes James Gavin.

Open for business

March 3, 2004

The dismantling of barriers to investment could result in foreign banks playing a bigger role in the economy, writes James Gavin.

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