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How debit cards can make money

October 4, 2004

Maestro UK’s Roger Alexander explains to Stephen Timewell how, as e-commerce develops, banks can reposition themselves as authenticators via debit cards, and charge customers for the service.

UniCredit sets sights on ‘New Europe’ potential

August 2, 2004

UniCredit has its sights set on further expansion into central Europe. Paolo Fiorentino, deputy chief operating officer, head of New Europe, talks to Stephen Timewell about the bank’s developments in the region.

Top 1000 World Banks 2004

July 2, 2004

This year’s rankings show that not only have profits grown, but so has the size of the world’s biggest banks. 

Finding business opportunity, whatever the setting

June 2, 2004

The Middle East is not wholly comprised of Iraq. While geographically obvious, the economic consequences of this fact can be easily missed. Bahrain and Qatar, two Gulf states that might have been overwhelmed by the Iraq crisis, are in fact booming. Editor-in-chief Stephen Timewell visited both countries in May and filed reports headlined: “Bahrain’s roaring success” and “Qatar builds the dream”.

Bahrain’s roaring success

June 2, 2004

Stephen Timewell reports on how a major new financial centre, a strong regulatory environment and a plethora of projects are set to cement Bahrain’s reputation among its Gulf neighbours.
Brimming with confidence after its successful Formula 1 grand prix in early April, Bahrain is ambitious to project its long-established role as the Gulf’s premier financial and banking hub and capitalise on the booming economies in the region.

Qatar builds the dream

June 2, 2004

Qatar is on the verge of becoming the richest country in the world in terms of GDP per capita as it sees the fruits of its investments in extraction of huge liquefied natural gas reserves. By Stephen Timewell in Doha.

Rich flow of opportunity

June 2, 2004

Huge hydrocarbon reserves and modern infrastructure are creating a gold-rush mentality among bankers, with local banks’ profits rising and foreign institutions trying to get a look in. By Stephen Timewell in Doha.
Qatar’s booming economy is proving to be a bonanza for banks. Well-established local institutions have boosted profits and new regional players are buying in to get a slice of the huge opportunities available. Despite events in Iraq, investors and bankers are seeing the massive potential offered by Qatar’s unique hydrocarbon reserves and the modern infrastructure put in place in recent years.

Retail giants find border crossings

May 3, 2004

As barriers to the provision of personal financial services and the movement of capital continue to be dismantled in Europe and elsewhere, the world’s biggest retail banks have been exploiting the opportunities. Michael Imeson and Stephen Timewell report.

Greek banks’ expansion plans

April 5, 2004

A raft of favourable economic conditions has facilitated a long-overdue reversal of fortunes for Greece’s key financial institutions. Stephen Timewell reports from Athens.

Istanbul takes centre stage

March 3, 2004

Turkey’s finance minister Kemal Unakitan talks to Stephen Timewell about involvement in a new development bank and the country’s privatisation strategy.

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