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Bank of the Year Awards 2020 – Middle East

December 2, 2020

The cream of the crop for 2020 from the Middle East.

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Bank of the Year Awards 2020 – Asia-Pacific

December 2, 2020

The best banks of the past 12 months from the Asia-Pacific region.

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Asia’s banking fines lack bite

December 1, 2020

With dubious behaviour by banks still making headlines, are big cash penalties enough of a disincentive? 


Will M&A continue its impressive bounce back?

December 1, 2020

The wind is blowing in the right direction for M&A activity to continue its recovery.

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PWM/The Banker Private Banking Awards 2020

November 5, 2020

Our 12th private banking awards highlight the excellent way banks have responded to the pandemic without impacting service.

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IFC encourages the private sector in the Middle East and Africa

November 2, 2020

IFC vice-president for the Middle East and Africa, Sérgio Pimenta, on Covid-19’s lasting impact on economies in the two regions.

SMEs can help smooth UK's recovery path

November 2, 2020

The way the UK has positioned itself as one of the most SME-friendly markets in the world may help the country manoeuvre the difficult times ahead.

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Government stimulus in Asia holds off the worst – for now

November 2, 2020

Asia's banks have been shielded from the impact of non-performing loans by central bank assistance, but this support is coming to an end.

Asia looks internally for its next growth market

October 1, 2020

Asia is looking at how it can rebuild some of its economic strength as it moves forward from the pain of coronavirus, and boosting local intra-regional trade is gaining ground as a solution. 

Combatting money laundering

October 1, 2020

A lack of clarity and feedback from regulators only makes financial crime more difficult to weed out.

What impact did the global pandemic have on banks?

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