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SAS solutions break ground

May 3, 2004

SAS HAS created SAS 9, an intelligence platform to help companies do more with their data and systems. The system ensures that more people – from the factory floor to the boardroom – can use the enhanced predictive analytics and data management capabilities of SAS 9 to help solve critical business pains. The SAS 9 Intelligence Platform is the most significant technology change in SAS’s history.

Executives will comply

May 3, 2004

With a raft of legislation bearing down upon the banking industry, technological change is on the agenda. So, more than ever, executive committees must take responsibility to ensure that the change is a successful one, says Chris Skinner.

China corners ‘captive’ market

May 3, 2004

In an increasingly interconnected world, large financial services institutions (FSIs) are already sourcing their IT and business process services from a variety of international locations. As outsourcing services have evolved from filling tactical gaps to providing strategic cost and quality advantages as well as innovative features, FSIs are tapping supplementary alternatives to India as a location for offshore outsourcing.

Web’s the quicker ride for market data

April 5, 2004

Paul Caplin, founder of Caplin Systems, discusses in which direction he sees the trading world moving, with special regard to data networks. Interview by Parveen Bansal.

ASPs finally arrive after a false start

April 5, 2004

Application service providers – hailed as the next big thing in 1990s – failed to live up to their press. Now, however, small and medium-sized organisations are realising the benefits ASPs canoffer. Parveen Bansal reports.

Fingers and thumbs

April 5, 2004

The age of retina and fingerprint checks for bank client identity verification remains some way off, writes Wendy Atkins.

Cutting costs or customers?

April 5, 2004

In their relentless drive to save overheads on call centres and other service facilities, bank chiefs are weighing up the many benefits of voice recognition software. Wendy Atkins reports.

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