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Cover story: Waiting on the ECB’s next move

The ECB’s attempt to counter inflation by hiking interest rates could potentially be a windfall for the region’s banking sector. However, with a recession looming, the ECB is poised to deploy other monetary tools to stabilise the economy. 

Climate litigation

The growing threat of human rights-based climate litigation

A rising trend of cross-border environmental legal action against energy companies is at risk of spreading to banks.

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Top 250 Western European Banks 2022

While both Tier 1 capital and assets declined, the aggregate profits of the largest 250 western European banks doubled.

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US regulators weigh up regional bank buffer rules

Rapid regional bank growth is leading some players into “too big to fail” territory, guiding regulators to consider new debt requirements.

IB awards logo 2022

The Banker's Investment Banking Awards 2022

After supporting their clients throughout the unprecedented events of the Covid-19 pandemic, investment banks have once again found they need to be nimble and adapt to another set of challenging conditions.

Cape Town aerial view

South Africa wrestles with inflation as energy sector sputters

The continent's most industrialised economy continues to suffer from underinvestment and lingering corruption.


Incubator focuses on minority-owned start-ups

A new group of start-ups, fintechs included, have been selected for the Libra 2.0 programme, but rumours that the next UK government grant could go to a high street bank are troubling its participants.

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A crisis in the making for charities

Rising fuel and food costs, decreasing disposable income and cuts in social programmes are creating a perfect storm for charitable organisations, says the CEO of CAF Bank.

ATM gravestone

RIP the humble ATM?

The core purpose of ATMs is to allow the withdrawal of physical cash on a 24/7 basis. However, much of the globe is moving to cashless forms of payment. Is this the end of the road for ATMs, or will they further evolve?

Crypto salary

Crypto salaries enter the workforce

Payment in cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly common, but even with the existence of stablecoins, it is not without its risks.

Cape Town Clouds

FATF threat hangs over South Africa’s banking sector

The country’s lenders are in rude health, even as the threat of a greylisting by the FATF looms.

Wind farm Vietnam

Spotlight falls on development banks’ climate role

The World Bank chief’s awkward stance on global warming has accelerated calls for multinational development banks to get an overhaul.

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Top 1000 2022 image

Top 1000 World Banks 2022

It has been another turbulent year for the global economy and the banking sector. How is the health of the sector looking as we enter the next economic phase?

Africa digital

Africa’s rising crypto future

African nations are at the vanguard of the new movement towards central bank digital currencies, in a desperate bid to regain the initiative in the wake of rising cryptocurrency usage across the continent. 

Cross-border payments

Swift fights to keep up in a changing world

New contenders are challenging the dominance of Swift in the cross-border payments space, compelling it to improve on its flaws.

Silvia Pavoni new teaser

Would clever ESG marketing fool you?

More granular disclosures and better ESG data help improve business and finance, but greenwashing efforts may be greater still.


Quantum: here, there and everywhere

In a world driven by a quantum hype, many banks are now investigating whether the promised increased processing power of quantum computing could address problems that currently are too complicated to be solved. 

Investment Banking Awards 2022 - Highlights

This year, we celebrate investment banking achievements across 26 categories, and name the overall Investment Bank of the Year, Independent Investment Bank of the Year and an Investment Bank of the Year for Sustainability.

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Latest podcast episode

In this first episode, we will discuss women in the fintech space. In which areas of fintech are women best represented? Are they getting the support they need? Where can they turn to find their tribe? Do we need to do more to call out the imbalance still in place, and what can we do to narrow the gap?


Lebanese banks see total assets plunge

Lenders in the country are feeling the effects of a three-year-long economic crisis.

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Social finance suffers EU setback

The quest to create global standards for ‘social’ investing took a blow recently when the European Commission decided to kick the EU’s social taxonomy into the long grass. A fragmentation of standards is now likely to proliferate.

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