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Advancing Asia’s crypto landscape

As a region that has long led the way in fintech innovation, Asia’s mature stance on crypto development is unsurprising. 

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Record-breaking Top 1000 World Banks ranking

The 2022 ranking has hit major milestones for aggregate Tier 1 capital, total assets and pre-tax profits.

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Top 1000 World Banks 2022

It has been another turbulent year for the global economy and the banking sector. How is the health of the sector looking as we enter the next economic phase?

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Could cryptocurrencies support global refugees?

Many argue that the likes of bitcoin can help displaced people access financial services, but others are more sceptical. 

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Core Banking Gets Better on Cloud

The absence of a modern core is preventing organisations from offering innovative propositions, achieving high operational efficiency and unlocking the full value of transformation. Given how quickly cloud is maturing, cloud-native core banking is an idea whose time has come, writes Infosys Finacle's Puneet Chhahira.

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China’s banking sector feels the strain

Although China’s banks have continued to show strong results in the Top 1000, there are signs of cracks emerging with continued economic pressure.

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Are KYC and AML still fit for purpose?

Many see KYC and AML compliance as a box-ticking exercise and a colossal waste of time that does very little to stop financial crime at its source. 

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Brazil’s economy improving despite strong headwinds

Brazil’s economy has performed better than expected in the first few months of the year. However, it faces strong headwinds with regards inflation and political uncertainty. 

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Lebanon’s economic crisis drags on

Despite banking reforms, an end to the country’s economic trauma remains a distant prospect.

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Germany's economic outlook darkens

The country’s economy is proving resilient but rising inflation, high energy prices and supply chain disruptions could spark a recession. 

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Brazil's open banking, digital currency and ESG agenda

The strength of Brazil’s banks indicates that they will be able to stay the course as they navigate regulatory reforms and the emergence of new competitors.

Reserve Bank of India

India outlines payments modernisation roadmap

The biggest challenge emerging from RBI’s Payments Vision 2025 is the push to facilitate domestic processing of payments transactions, as well as the move to ISO 20022 standards.

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Quantum: here, there and everywhere

In a world driven by a quantum hype, many banks are now investigating whether the promised increased processing power of quantum computing could address problems that currently are too complicated to be solved. 


Banks' experiments in the metaverse

Banks have begun to take tentative steps into the metaverse, exploring how they can bring their services to this fully-digital channel. With questions around the use of cryptocurrencies and the form regulation may take, there is still some way to go before banks are offering a full metaverse experience.


Top 500 Banking Brands 2022

While the past two years of operating under pandemic conditions have taken their toll on businesses and the global economy, the world’s biggest banking brands have managed to increase their value. Liz Lumley reports.

FM 2022

Finance Minister of the Year 2022

The Banker's Finance Minister of the Year 2021 awards celebrate the officials that have best managed to stimulate growth and stabilise their economy. 

CBG 2022

Central Banker of the Year 2022

The Banker's Central Banker of the Year 2021 awards celebrate the officials that have best managed to stimulate growth and stabilise their economy. 

Top 1000 World Banks 2022

The Banker’s Joy Macknight and Marie Kemplay discuss the key global themes and trends in this year’s Top 1000 World Banks.

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Bonus *Money 2020* episode: Glittering Halls of Cutting Edge

Many are attracted to the glittering halls of cutting edge technology – whether that be quantum computing, Web3 or the varied siren calls coming from the depths of the metaverse. Banks are no exception. 

Shows like Money 2020 showcase those ‘glittering halls’ promise a future of seamless, friction-free payments and banking. But what does it really mean? How long does it take for a stage worthy tech trend to make its way into financial services and start improving customers' loves – if it makes that journey at all?

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Banks Tier 1 capital continues to grow

The minimum Tier 1 capital of a bank within The Banker's Top 1000 ranking now stands at $556m, up from $547m last year.

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Golden chance to globalise ESG 

A series of consultations and the recent setting up of the ISSB is fostering optimism among bankers that the world may eventually coalesce around global ESG standards. 

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