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RBC's decisive role in energy transition efforts

Demand for less carbon-intensive solutions across a range of industries is keeping the bank’s energy transition team very busy. 

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NatWest bond supports green mortgage lending

The UK bank’s second green bond, and fourth issuance under its green, social and sustainability framework, incentivises purchases of energy efficient properties. 

banking for women

Closing Asia’s gender finance gap

As financial inclusion has increased worldwide, one area has remained stubbornly difficult to crack: banking services for women in developing markets. Banks are now working on providing tailored services that address the issues keeping women out of the formal banking system. 

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AML and data breach fines halved in 2021

Penalties that financial institutions incurred for non-compliance with anti-money laundering and data privacy regulations have dropped significantly in 2021. However, there is still much work to be done to stem financial crime.

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Corporate Statement

The secrets to unlocking alpha in fixed income trading

New developments in electronic fixed income trading will facilitate a much better experience for trading desks and clients alike in the private banking space

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Enel: zero emissions and fully ‘electrified’ by 2040

The sustainable finance pioneer has big plans to cut carbon emissions — both its own and its customers’.

CBG 2022

Central Banker of the Year 2022

The Banker's Central Banker of the Year 2021 awards celebrate the officials that have best managed to stimulate growth and stabilise their economy. 

FM 2022

Finance Minister of the Year 2022

The Banker's Finance Minister of the Year 2021 awards celebrate the officials that have best managed to stimulate growth and stabilise their economy. 

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Financing the digital foundations of the future economy

Digital connectivity is at the heart of the modern economy and will play an even greater role in the future. Digital infrastructure, and its financing, has a crucial role in supporting that future. 

dare okoudjou

Expanding access to financial services in Africa

Dare Okoudjou, CEO, MFS Africa, talks to The Banker about the changing agent banking model and the future of mobile banking across the continent.


The Banker’s Top 250 Asia-Pacific Banks 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on tourism and trade continues to be felt across Asia-Pacific, hitting the banking sectors' pre-tax profits in several economies. However, the region's banks have seen increases across Tier 1 capital and asset growth.

Robert Swaak

ABN Amro makes an ‘orderly’ return to profitability

Sustainability and a client-centric focus are key areas for CEO Robert Swaak as he continues to push ABN Amro into a new phase. 

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2022 year ahead

Will the world return to 'normal' in 2022?

What ‘normal’ will look like post-pandemic is not easy to predict, as inflation, rising interest rates and quantitative easing tapering lead to greater uncertainty in the year to come. Edward Russell-Walling reports.


Are banks meeting the needs of the ‘passion economy’?

As the passion economy grows and offers people fresh and flexible ways of making money by building businesses around what they love, is the industry ready to offer services to this smaller-sized, but fast-growing segment of the corporate market?

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BOTY Awards 2021 thumbnail

The Banker’s Bank of the Year Awards 2021

It has been an exceptionally competitive year for The Banker’s Bank of the Year Awards, making this year’s winners all the more deserving of the Bracken trophy.


The Banker’s Top Islamic Financial Institutions 2021

The Banker's 2021 Top Islamic Financial Institutions ranking highlights a resilient sector across the globe.


The Banker’s Top 100 Central American Banks 2021

The Banker’s Top 100 Central American Banks ranking shows a resilient industry in the face of many challenges.

Tech Talk: Sokin

Vroon Modgill, CEO of Sokin talks to The Banker's Liz Lumley about meeting the needs of today's migrant workforce.

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Germany sees dip in financial services FDI

Germany holds onto second place among its western European peers when it comes to the number of foreign investment projects since 2016, but saw a drop in the first 10 months of 2021.  

German financial FDI

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EU's diverging interpretation of Basel III

The European Commission plans to be faithful in its implementation of Basel III, but with some caveats, exceptions and, of course, delays. 

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