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Joy Macknight

Building brand value: what makes a strong banking brand?

Ahead of tomorrow’s release of our Top 500 Banking Brands 2023 ranking, several marketing experts at banks share their views on the fundamental building blocks of brand value.

Lima Peru

Peru’s banking system to grow says finance minister

The banking industry in Peru is nascent but stands to benefit from planned government measures, explains Alex Contreras, minister of economy and finance.

A coal loader above a large pile of coal.

Rush to phase out fossil fuels could trigger financial instability

Policy-makers are making a concerted effort to steer the financial sector away from supporting fossil fuel producers, creating opportunities for new lenders, but some worry about the impact on the global economy.

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Three fintech trends to look out for in 2023

For 10 years, fintech has played a major role in reviving the financial sector. How will fintech continue to shape financial services as we enter 2023, and which key trends should you be looking out for?

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Locals and tourists shopping in Shanghai's Yuyuan Garden in the evening.

China reopens with consumer spending boost

Three years after the start of the pandemic, China has dropped its zero-Covid rules and fully reopened its economy. While GDP for 2022 was sluggish, renewed consumer spending forms the basis for recovery in 2023.

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Sanat wide

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Five bankable strategies to navigate macroeconomic uncertainty

For banks to succeed on their digitalisation journey, they must be steered by proper insight into what lies ahead. Sanat Rao, CEO of Infosys Finacle, outlines five of the most prominent banking trends. 

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A hessian bag with "AML" inscribed on its front, a hand holding a magnifying glass, a model of a bank facade, and coins scattered on a desk.

Five key takeaways from the FCA’s AML crackdown in 2023

With AML compliance at the top of the FCA’s enforcement agenda for this year, we highlight important focus points for banks and other regulated firms operating in the UK.

Jeremy Warren, Mik Breiterman-Loader, Russell Ashcraft, JP Gallipoli, Nora Rodriguez Ponce and Anjuli Pandit

HSBC supports Uruguay’s green ambitions

The sustainability-linked bond provides a way for Uruguay to highlight its commitment to the Paris Agreement by introducing financial consequences for missing its sustainability targets.

Portrait image of Tayo Oviosu

Digital trajectory in Nigeria, then the world for Paga

Tayo Oviosu, founder of payments provider Paga, on the further development of digital financial services in Nigeria, the challenges and opportunities in Ethiopia, and the impact of the global economic slowdown on funding opportunities for African fintech companies.

Abstract graphic of cloud-based and decentralised technology with inset portrait of Nadine Chakar

Tokenisation: bringing the Jetsons and the Flintstones together

CEO of Securrency, Nadine Chakar, one of the most high-profile and powerful women in the global custody business, explains why she left a 30-odd-year career in banking to join a fintech. Anita Hawser interviews.

Portrait of Sven Kirsipuu

Estonia’s latest eurobond issuance attracts newcomers

While market conditions were fragile in 2022, the republic found a good window in October to launch its second sovereign bond in two years.  


Financial services alliance offers BNPL to multinational global retailers

Allianz Trade, Santander CIB and B2B e-commerce platform Two have expanded their buy now, pay later service to enable payments for large retailers.

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Highlighted Middle East

The untapped segment in Middle Eastern banking

A report reveals the great opportunity for newcomers to address the unmet needs of the region’s unbanked, amid expectations for massive expansion of the fintech sector in the coming years.

Africa money map

Africa’s great inflation challenge

African authorities must make tough choices as they are confronted by surging prices.

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The Banker Best Bits

The Banker’s Year in Review 2022 – the ‘best bits’

As we come to the end of this year, our editors look back on their own coverage for The Banker in 2022: Here are our ‘best bits’. 

BoTY 22 logo

The Banker’s Bank of the Year Awards 2022

The Banker’s Bank of the Year Awards continue to go from strength to strength, with hundreds of entries submitted from all corners of the world. Congratulations to all of this year's winners.

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Top 1000 2022 image

Top 1000 World Banks 2022

It has been another turbulent year for the global economy and the banking sector. How is the health of the sector looking as we enter the next economic phase?

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Bruce Van Saun, chairman and CEO of Citizens Financial Group, discusses with The Banker’s Marie Kemplay the key steps it has taken to strengthen its market position and to improve the customer experience.

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Barbara Pianese, The Banker's Latin America editor, chats with Herbert Hernández, Bantrab CEO, about the bank's mission and the Guatemalan economy.

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South Africa faces grim economic prospects

The country’s banks have had only patchy success in increasing their loan portfolios.

SA banks 31:01

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Basel’s crypto treatment disappoints banks

Bankers now have a much clearer view of how their exposures to crypto will be treated from a prudential perspective. On a positive note they gained some clarity, but they are not entirely happy with the outcome.

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