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Andrii Hrytseniuk

Andrii Hrytseniuk: Team spirit in a war zone

The Banker's CIO of the Year, Andrii Hrytseniuk at Alfa-Bank Ukraine, talks to Liz Lumley about building teams and working from bomb shelters. 

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Joy 16x9

Taking a global approach to sourcing talent

Attracting tech talent is a challenge for many banks, pushing many to come up with inventive ways to engage the next generation of programmers and developers.


Consumption-based emissions: A rational pathway to net zero

Allocating responsibility for emissions to consumers, as well as producers, is a balanced and fairer approach to achieving a green transition.

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Inflation arrow

The Russia-Ukraine conflict’s effects on the global financial system

The war has led to difficult circumstances for the global financial system, leaving central banks with a tough choice. 

issuer Schleiniger

Arcos Dorados achieves golden result with sustainability-linked bond

The McDonald’s franchisee married financial success with material environmental outcomes with its first SLB.

chris skinner 2022

Telling real from fake: whose job is it?

Criminals can fake almost anything online, which makes many fearful of being scammed. Can banks help embed trust in the digital world?


KCB extends its rivalry with Equity Group to the DRC

The Kenyan lender's acquisition of Trust Merchant Bank follows the Democratic Republic of Congo's formal entry into the East African Community.

Angelika Hellweger

Why financial institutions need to oversee and address their ESG agenda

With shareholders and financial authorities becoming increasingly focused on ESG issues, financial institutions must ensure compliance in order to protect themselves. Comment by Angelika Hellweger of Rahman Ravelli.

Africa digital payments

New South Africa fintech hub boosts the continent’s fintech ecosystem

Africa’s forays into fintech continue apace as a new hub opens in South Africa, while sharing knowledge across the continent continues to be crucial for success.

A&O Bracken

Reshaping bank compensation strategies

Compensation has always been a critical issue for banks, and remains a source of public scrutiny. It consumes much management time, but it also determines relative advantage in a competitive market that is increasingly concerned about stability, conduct and purpose. 

Sustainability Wind Turbines

Point Carbon Zero: playing safe while trying to save the world

Sustainability is becoming a fintech mainstay, with initiatives launching across the globe.

Angola Invest

Angola’s central bank aims to attract investment with regulatory easing

The BNA has introduced a new regulatory measure, marking another step on its journey to making Angola an enticing investment prospect.

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Silvia Pavoni new teaser

Would clever ESG marketing fool you?

More granular disclosures and better ESG data help improve business and finance, but greenwashing efforts may be greater still.

Alberto Alemanno

Time for companies and banks to lobby sustainably too

It is plausible to imagine that the disclosure of information surrounding companies’ corporate political activities might soon be legally mandated.

AI regulation

The time is nigh for responsible AI and data ethics

Many jurisdictions are following the EU’s proposed regulation of artificial intelligence. Firms that have not begun to develop their AI systems to comply with the new regulation are being advised to do so now.


Banks' experiments in the metaverse

Banks have begun to take tentative steps into the metaverse, exploring how they can bring their services to this fully-digital channel. With questions around the use of cryptocurrencies and the form regulation may take, there is still some way to go before banks are offering a full metaverse experience.


Quantum: here, there and everywhere

In a world driven by a quantum hype, many banks are now investigating whether the promised increased processing power of quantum computing could address problems that currently are too complicated to be solved. 

Top 1000 World Banks 2022 Latin America

The Banker's Joy Macknight and Barbara Pianese discuss the challenges faced by Latin America's largest banking markets: Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

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Latest podcast episode

There isn't a bank worth their innovation lab that hasn't spoken about the need to instil 'entrepreneurial values' and the 'startup mindset' inside their walls. What does that mean exactly? Is startup culture all it's hyped up to be? What does being an entrepreneur mean inside a centuries old incumbent bank with tens of millions of customers?

Liz Lumley, deputy editor at The Banker sits down with four leading banks to discuss how the seeds of startups can blossom in centuries old banks. 

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July records lowest monthly M&A total in more than two years

Global merger and acquisition deal activity continues to drop year on year, with July seeing a fall of 62% in announced transactions compared with the previous year.

Databank lowest M&A

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Reg Rage

Is UK regulation about to be politicised?

It is difficult to say whether the government’s recent financial services bill will do anything for the City of London given how much depends on the follow-up actions. However, it will create fireworks between regulators and the ruling Conservative party.

Reg Rage - Anxiety

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