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All the virtual and in-person events coming up across The Banker, gathering leading minds in politics, finance and business with senior TB & FT journalists to discuss the big issues of our time. Upcoming events and on-demand events include:

Decentralised finance: Why banks should take notice

Interest in decentralised finance (DeFi), particularly in the form of cryptocurrencies, has surged in the last two years, as near-zero interest rates and rising inflation have encouraged people to hunt for higher-yielding investment opportunities outside the traditional system. Thus far, most of the players deep into DeFi are individual - or retail - investors and crypto specialists. However, financial institutions and institutional investors are now increasingly looking to enter this space, as the regulators begin to thaw. 

DeFi has the potential to replace financial institutions in their current roles as providers of trust between counterparties and liquidity providers. It holds the promise of a more efficient and faster financial system, without intermediaries, paperwork and banks. Could we possibly be on the verge of seeing DeFi adoption enter the mainstream? Could we eventually see it replace Wall Street and the City of London? What are the unique opportunities it brings for institutions and what are the practicalities of investing in this space? 

Join us for this fifty-minute webinar as our panel of expert commentators from across the banking, crypto, digital asset and DeFi sectors discuss the rise of decentralised finance, the opportunities which it presents for institutions and why banks should be taking notice. Learn how decentralised finance differs from traditional finance and banking, what unique investment opportunities it provides and the practicalities of investing in this growing space.

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Mind the gap: diverging through enablement in the banking world

The post-pandemic recovery marks a turning point for the banking sector. The valuation gap is widening and banks now have a small window of opportunity to capitalise on market revival and become industry pacesetters.

In the sprint for higher profitability, innovative value-added services are key. Commoditised offerings are no longer the road to success; as analogue experiences are increasingly becoming digitised, incumbent institutions are banking on enablement to stay ahead of the game. Top performers will be those who adopt distinctive strategic business models. Banks must welcome customers into an ecosystem, embracing analytics and deep learning to engage clients with a multi-channel, personalised experience. 

Incumbent banks fight to keep pace with challengers, tackling outdated management styles and backward sales origination processes. Whilst sales touchpoints are reduced to online platforms, human performance remains crucial to a frictionless onboarding experience. What lessons can be learnt from the industry’s preeminent players? Does the post-pandemic recovery call for a complete business model overhaul or will slow-and-steady win the race? 

Hosted by The Banker in partnership with Seismic, this 50-minute webinar will bring together operational, product, and strategic leaders seeking a competitive advantage in the post-Covid contest. Chaired by Joy Macknight, Editor, The Banker, our expert panellists will discuss outperforming game plans and how best to future-proof your bank. 

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Crypto and digital assets summit

The global cryptocurrency market's continued shake up of the financial system has prompted the beginnings of global regulatory change and a monetary revolution that no one can afford to ignore. Regulatory overhaul, the development of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), the rise of cybercrime, stablecoins, innovation in cross-border retail and wholesale payments infrastructure, and the ‘institutionalisation’ of crypto investing, are just some of the critical challenges that are forcing financial institutions to change the way they operate, and force a change in the perception of fiat currencies and crypto assets. 

The risks facing global businesses and financial institutions are vast, but so too are the opportunities. How will the growth of CBDCs refine the multiple use cases of crypto assets and stablecoins? Across multiple emerging markets and regions, how do priorities and use cases differ? What efficiency benefits will open-source, scalable blockchain technology bring to businesses? How much risk appetite do global asset managers and sell-side traders have for crypto assets, and is this likely to change with the advent of CBDCs? What does the future look like for de-centralised finance and smart contracts? And are we at risk of crypto assets becoming ‘too big to fail’?

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Banking on sustainability and measuring ESG performance: providing for yourself and your clients

As banks battle complex sustainability issues and the pressure to prioritise sustainable activity mounts, questions remain around both the validity and the evenness of disclosure around ESG performances. Regulators continue to create and debate the most effective way to analyse, quantify and present ESG credibility, to which large scale banking institutions are frequently expected to respond. Financial institutions now need ways to better collect, analyse and distribute quality data on ESG data points not only from a financial perspective, but also across other operations aspects from energy consumption to diverse workforces. 

With the threat of greenwashing very much present, how can incumbent banks better support their private sector clients in a way that protects both their reputation and their commitment to making positive change? How far are banks able to support clients at risk of enhanced ESG-related shareholder activism, what can they do to demonstrate their ESG credentials to fend off such efforts? Has the ESG agenda moved to be more private sector driven rather than public? What are the next steps for the sector?

Hosted by The Banker in partnership with S&P, this one-hour webinar will bring together leading ESG professionals from the banking ecosystem seeking to ensure that they are able to function in a sustainable way and also prove their sustainability for both themselves and their clients. Chaired by Marie Kemplay, Investment Banking and Capital Markets Editor of The Banker, our panel of expert speakers will look to cover the greatest challenges brought on by greater ESG implementation. 

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