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Qatar financial centre to focus on partnerships

February 2, 2005

Qatar, the world’s fastest-growing economy, has announced plans to establish a new financial centre based on a different model to other regional financial centres in neighbouring Bahrain and Dubai.

KBC reverse takeover will keep it simple

February 2, 2005

Belgium’s KBC will buy its shareholder Almanij in an operation that will almost double its free float and simplify its current structure. The new KBC Group NV will increase the number of shares in the Euronext stock market and will have a simpler holding and operational structure.

Microfinance joins the mainstream

February 2, 2005

In the International Year of Microcredit, the UNDP’s Mark Malloch Brown encourages more commercial banks to take up microfinance.
Microfinance is helping to transform the lives of millions of people, helping to build businesses, create jobs and lift men, women and children out of poverty.

New hopes for debt crisis avoidance

February 2, 2005

Alonso García Tamés examines the evolution and application of the Principles of Emerging Market Debt.

Islamic bond interest unites investors across the globe

February 2, 2005

The popularity of Islamic bonds signals the opening up of a new banking market. Issuance last year hit $6.7bn but challenges remain to development.

Inauguration day rhetoric is fine but the deficits must be addressed

February 2, 2005

As US president George W Bush starts his second term, will his administration engage with the rest of the world – economically and militarily – or will it be business as usual at the White House?

Can Europeans rise to heights of US giants?

February 2, 2005

European banks must act soon if they want to prevent the rapidly growing US giants from muscling in on their turf.

Banks can reach out to the poor

February 2, 2005

Banks are beginning to realise that financial services for poor people can be commercially viable. The Year of Microfinance is an opportunity for them to play a greater role in alleviating poverty.

Talent spotting is a vital job

February 2, 2005

Banks that fail to spot new talent have a poor future ahead of them. The root cause of many a corporate crisis can be traced back to a very bad management promotion leaving the person who was best qualified for the job to depart to a rival institution.

On guard against the knocks

January 3, 2005

Morgan Stanley CEO Phil Purcell talks to Karina Robinson about growing the business, making changes and that letter from the SEC.

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