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A world-class experience for European innovators across industries and company types, Money20/20 Europe is more than just an event. It’s a catalyst for the growth and development of the payments and financial services ecosystem.

Joy Macknight, deputy and technology editor at The Banker, will report from Money 20/20 Europe, providing comprehensive articles and exclusive viewpoints, as well as insights from thought-leaders in the payments industry.

In discussion:

  • Alternative finance and lending
  • Data, AI and algo-based innovation
  • Disruptive business models
  • Financial inclusion
  • Innovation in transaction banking
  • Mobile payments and wallets
  • Risk, security and fraud

Transaction banking: The next wave of innovation
Wednesday 28th June, 09:00 - 09.50

Joy Macknight will also be moderating a panel session at the event. The transaction banking business, which goes beyond payments and includes cash management, trade finance and risk management for financial institutions and MNCs, has yet to see the level of disruption happening in the retail banking space. But it is now on a digital transformation journey spurred on by new technologies and business models, as well as fintechs that have turned their attention to this traditionally stable and slow-to-change industry.

Joy will be joined by:

  • Sophia Wikander, Nordea
  • Edward Budd, Deutsche Bank
  • Udo Milkau, DZ BANK AG
  • Anders la Cour, Saxo Payments
  • Michael Mueller, Form³ Financial Cloud

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