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A dollar exchange rate sign in Bolivia

Bolivia’s economic model called into question

May 26, 2023

A dollar shortage and falling international reserves are highlighting the limits of a very heterodox economic model. 

Banco Fassil branch

Dollar scarcity threatens Bolivian banking system

May 24, 2023

A drop in foreign reserves and fears over devaluation are threatening the Latin American country’s economy, as its third-largest bank faces liquidation.

Edwin Rojas, president of the Central Bank of Bolivia

Banco Central de Bolivia faces up to liquidity crisis

May 17, 2023

Bolivia’s central bank president, Edwin Rojas, talks to The Banker about how the bank is tackling a sharp fall in foreign currency reserves.

A digital representation of the globe, focused on the Latam region

Why is Latam struggling with fintech?

May 11, 2023

Uneven development is curbing excitement about the sector in the region.

a branch of First Republic Bank in New York City

JPMorgan rescues First Republic, but what next for US banking stocks?

May 3, 2023

Can US regional banks put their problems behind them now that First Republic has been bought by JPMorgan Chase?

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Liz Lumley

Are you there, God? It’s us… fintech

May 2, 2023

Fintech’s age of adolescence has arrived. The adult world of JPMorgan beckons. Recent US banking failures have more to do with start-up growing pains than the traditional banking industry.

Nogui Acosta

Finance minister: Costa Rica’s fiscal consolidation on track

April 28, 2023

Costa Rica expects to get off the EU grey list in October, says its finance minister. 

A furl of Brazilian reais

Will increased supervision strengthen Latam credit co-operatives?

April 27, 2023

The past few years have seen several regulatory changes in a sector that is key to fostering financial inclusion.

The skyline of Panama City

Latam central bank governors on the recent banking crisis

April 21, 2023

The central bank governors of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Guatemala dismiss concerns about increased financial volatility at the IDB.

Logo of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. building in Washington, DC.

SVB: US regulators have generated “a moral hazard”

March 24, 2023

While the collapse of SVB might have been predictable, what was surprising was the US regulators’ response and the precedent it sets.