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Turning bad credits into profits

August 1, 2001

If your image of sub-prime is of penal interest rates and unsavoury collection methods, think again. The sector is on its way to respectability and boosting banking profits. Nick Kochan reports

Caution: hybrid capital ahead

May 1, 2001

With multi-billion dollar acquisitions to finance, banks need inexpensive ways to replenish their capital. Tax and cost-effective, preferred shares are the answer to their prayers, but convincing the regulators to count them as Tier One can be challenging. Jules Stewart reports on the twists and turns to keep the issuers and the authorities happy.

Three’s company

December 2, 2000

Melvyn Westlake talks to the protagonists behind Fitch’s challenge to the two giant US rating agencies.

Europe’s cooling urge to merge

May 1, 2000

The aftermath of the recent merger breakdown between Dresdner and Deutsche banks and other, successful acquisitions and get-togethers, will drastically change Europe’s banking landscape.

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