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Sukuk appeal set to spread

November 1, 2011

The most significant industry trend to date this year has been the resurgence of the Islamic bond (sukuk) market. After a brief setback in 2010, funds raised through global sukuk issues in 2011 stood at $44.7bn in September. But sukuk issuance is still dominated by sovereigns from Asian and Gulf markets and remains concentrated in certain sectors. Four industry experts look at what needs to be done to encourage participation from corporates and facilitate issuances in a wider range of currencies.

Khairul Nizam, deputy secretary general of the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions

AAOIFI to look to develop Islamic finance standards

November 1, 2011

With no single interpretation of Islamic law, differences in rulings between scholars over whether products are sharia-compliant has led to a lack of standardisation in the industry. Resolving this issue is key to bringing about greater efficiency, transparency and cohesion – ultimately helping to raise the curtain for more Islamic business, says AAOIFI deputy secretary general Khairul Nizam.


Islamic finance's growth story is only just beginning

November 1, 2011

The Islamic finance industry has undergone rapid growth in recent years, but in representing just 1.5% of global banking assets, it remains a hugely underpenetrated market across many asset classes and geographies. This has led the heavyweight global Islamic players to redefine their strategies to capitalise on these opportunities.

A solution to the debt problem? A licence to print money

October 3, 2011

As developed economies throughout the world continue to struggle with spiraling debt problems, it is time the rethink the model of money creation.

Gulf Islamic finance industry

Gulf players continue to shape Islamic finance's future

August 1, 2011

The Gulf's Islamic finance industry is on an upward growth trajectory as the sukuk market rebounds and new lines of business emerge. But there are growing calls for greater regulatory oversight to ensure the industry remains true to its values and improves transparency going forward.

Dubai Islamic Bank ready for Basel III

Islamic banks hold Basel III advantage

June 30, 2011

As banks prepare for the impact of Basel III regulations, many Islamic financial institutions are finding they already exceed the requirements.

Two-thirds of BLME's assets are from corporate business

Islamic banks eye corporate SME space

June 1, 2011

While Islamic financial institutions have been active in offering retail products and investment banking services, regular corporate banking has tended to fall through the gaps. Now banks are correcting the balance.

Mohammad Al-Jasser, central bank governor, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian central bank seeks to meet sukuk challenge

March 15, 2011

Mohammad Al-Jasser, governor of Saudi Arabia’s central bank, discusses the huge potential of sukuk issuance in an interview with Stephen Timewell in Riyadh.

Qatar Central Bank

Conventional banks face sharia restrictions in Qatar

February 21, 2011

Qatar's decision to ban conventional banks from operating sharia-based finance units within its financial jurisdiction has left observers concerned the central bank has set the wrong kind of precedent, one that is likely to create uncertainty in banking throughout the Middle East.

Gulf banks anticipate demand for sukuk in west Africa

The Gulf's Islamic banks are targeting Africa's opportunities

January 31, 2011

Large financial institutions from the Gulf are increasingly buying stakes in local banks in west Africa to tap into the region's sizeable Muslim population.

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