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The Banker tracks governments' and central banks' emergency measures in worst-hit areas.

Site map June 23rd

Making sense of a world in crisis is a challenging and overwhelming task. News breaks at unprecedented speed and information is spread across a variety of sources. As countries around the world ramp up their response to Covid-19, The Banker has created a resource hub that groups governments’ and central banks’ emergency measures, and relates them to the size of the communities they are ultimately set to support.

We are focusing on the major areas that have so far been at the epicentre of the pandemic and economic fallout. We will update our content every week, when needed. And as the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the world, challenging both developed and emerging markets, we aim to revisit our geographical coverage to report on new worst-hit countries.

We hope you will find our coronavirus response map useful and welcome suggestions on how we can improve it. Please write to our economics editor, Silvia Pavoni, with your feedback. You can find her at

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