Top Islamic financial institutions 2014

Top Islamic financial institutions 2014 / Has Islamic banking finally cracked Pakistan?

The past year has seen a number of firsts in the Islamic finance industry, representing a huge step forward for an industry previously considered niche. View all the articles from the Top Islamic financial institutions 2014 special report below.

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Onwards and outwards: the Islamic industry's appeal continues to spread

November 3, 2014

The past year has seen a number of firsts in the Islamic finance industry, including the first sovereign sukuk from the West. This represents a huge step forward for an industry previously considered niche. Islamic players now must consolidate on these gains by broadening their product offerings, expanding their customer bases and targeting new levels of interoperability with global markets.

Malaysia leads the way for Islamic finance

November 3, 2014

While the growth in Islamic finance slowed down in 2013 for some smaller, less-developed markets, others such as Malaysia and the Gulf countries, saw strong results.

Hussain Al Qemzi

Noor CEO heralds an age of harmonisation

November 3, 2014

Hussain Al Qemzi, CEO of Noor Bank, discusses the long-term prospects for the Islamic banking sector, describing the valuable role it can play in promoting greater cross-border co-operation and operational harmonisation. 

Sukuk sheds its niche status

November 3, 2014

The growth of 'hard' currency sukuk issuance is pushing the market to the next level, as new issuers and new investors flock to the sharia-compliant finance space to capitalise on the growth prospects of emerging economies in the Gulf and Asia. 

Has Islamic banking finally cracked Pakistan?

November 3, 2014

After a false start, Islamic banking has become the fastest growing segment of the Pakistani banking industry, with the full support of the government. Apart from the ever-present challenge of liquidity management, most local Islamic bankers agree that their most important task now is to build awareness in the country.

Islamic banks take on Basel III

November 3, 2014

Four leading representatives discuss the impact of Basel III on the Islamic banking industry, what benefits the regulations will bring and why Islamic banks are well positioned to meet the requirements. 

Bursa Malaysia's Islamic innovation drive

November 3, 2014

Bursa Malaysia is the leading global centre for Islamic capital markets. Its chief executive tells James King that the exchange is still looking to innovate, with expanding the borders of Islamic finance a key priority.

Islamic banks and SMEs: a golden opportunity

November 1, 2014

Though the recent story of Islamic finance is largely a successful one, the sector's relative lack of maturity means that some shortfalls do exist. One of these – the supply-demand mismatch regarding small and medium-sized enterprises – has left a potentially lucrative hole to fill.