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Value for money

October 4, 2004

As companies dealing in cash management come under greater scrutiny from the new IAS 39 accounting standard, the fundamental issue for them will be fair valuation of their assets, and whether to put them on balance sheet, writes Jules Stewart.

Rise of the dragon

October 4, 2004

With its voracious appetite for raw materials and a shift in focus towards high value goods production, China is emerging as a trade giant. Bruce Alter, Aster Saleh and Zeno Chow examine how banks can participate in the country’s phenomenal growth by facilitating import-export flows.

The outsource option

October 4, 2004

As corporate treasuries face an increasingly competitive global market place, outsourcing some of their functions is becoming a hot topic, writes Jules Stewart.

Is your relationship the right fit?

October 4, 2004

In Deutsche Bank’s latest article on cash management consolidation, Bernd Friederichs and Paul Camp look at how relationships between banks are evolving into strategic service partnerships and the key questions regional banks should ask to leverage a buyer’s market.

The race is on

October 4, 2004

Competition has been heating up among major cash management providers as they scramble to win mandates from both corporations and financial institutions,writes Jules Stewart.

Treasurers are put to the test

October 4, 2004

Cutting costs, optimising returns and adding value enterprise-wide are just some of the challenges facing corporate treasurers, writes Naveed Sultan of Citigroup Global Transaction Services.

Global views, local insight

October 4, 2004

As the burden of regulation increases, companies are centralising cash management. Jules Stewart examines how new realities are impacting on the relationship between global and local functions.

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