Digitising inside and out - Video -

In The Banker Masterclass video series we look at the importance of creating a truly digital and personalised user experience, and the need to drive digitalisation in trade and sustainability.

    Digitisation efforts are affecting every part of the bank, from client service to employee engagement, from trade finance to innovation in support of the ESG agenda.

    The Banker Masterclass is sponsored by Citi but independently edited.

    In discussion:

    • Innovation and motivation: We outline the main challenges for client service during the pandemic, as well as how Citi TTS is maintaining employee morale and upskilling its workforce. 
    • Changing client expectations: Global clients’ changing needs in a real-time world, and how to use technology and data to personalise the client experience.  
    • Digitisation in trade: We discuss how far the banking industry has come on its digitisation journey, the breakthroughs in using blockchain and artificial intelligence in trade finance and what is needed to drive the digitisation agenda in trade.
    • ESG efforts in trade: The ways financial institutions can help their clients become ESG champions, and how the digitisation and sustainability agendas intersect. 

    In conversation with:

    • Joy Macknight, managing editor, The Banker
    • Ebru Pakcan, global head of trade, treasury and trade solutions, Citi
    • Sandra Peterson, global head of client experience, treasury and trade solutions, Citi

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