The Banker Masterclass with VISA: Harnessing new payment flows -

The Banker Masterclass video series looks at the rapid change happening in cross-border B2B payments, driven by regulations and customer expectations, as well as how the industry is leveraging innovative solutions specifically designed to transform the payment experience, such as blockchain and data analytics.

    Modernising cross-border business-to-business (B2B) payments starts with eliminating friction and moving to real time, as well as providing visibility into transaction flows.

    The Banker’s Masterclass series is sponsored by Visa but independently edited.

    In discussion: 

    • Drivers of change in B2B payments - Alan Koenigsberg, global head of new payment flows, Visa Business Solutions, talks about the rapid change happening in business-to-business payments driven by regulations and customers’ expectations, and how banks can keep up with the pace of change.
    • Cross-border challenges - The challenges banks and corporates face when making cross-border B2B payments and whether real time is necessary for cross-border flows.
    • Overcoming friction - How emerging technologies are enabling more efficient cross-border payments and helping the correspondent banking modernise.
    • The future ecosystem - The future of digital payments: borderless, frictionless and seamless.

    In conversation with:

    Alan Koenigsberg, global head of new payment flows, Visa Business Solutions

    The Banker Masterclass with VISA

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