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Cracks appear in Algeria's economy

July 22, 2021

Despite a change in leadership before the pandemic, Algeria is yet to embark upon a programme of much-needed reforms.

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Rocky road lies ahead for Algerian banking sector

July 22, 2021

Concerns are mounting over what will happen when Algeria’s central bank withdraws its pandemic relief measures.

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Algeria’s private banks look to retail market as liquidity dries up

July 1, 2016

Private banks in Algeria have until now been highly profitable, as the energy-rich country was awash with liquidity. But a government that failed to hedge its hydrocarbon wealth against a price drop is now cutting public spending and tightening trade finance rules, driving private banks to rethink their business strategy. Richard Nield reports.

Algerian banks toll as oil prices slide

Algeria's banks toll as oil prices slide

April 30, 2015

A plunge in oil prices has brought uncertainty to Algeria's banking sector, which is facing declining profitability and tightening liquidity, leading to calls for far-reaching reforms.

Algeria struggles to adapt

Algeria struggles to adapt

October 1, 2014

With oil and gas output diminishing, Algeria is desperate to diversify its economy and avoid a continued slide towards unsustainable fiscal deficits. The country’s political stability hinges on whether or not it succeeds.

Algeria’s private banks feel the state’s squeeze

October 1, 2014

Algeria’s banking sector is one of the biggest in Africa, but it is also one of the most opaque and is dominated by state banks. Yet private lenders, all of which are foreign-owned, still find ways to operate profitably and many are wanting to expand.

Resilience underpins Arab banks

Top Arab banks ranking, 2012

October 1, 2012

Arab banks offset the turmoil of the Arab Spring and offered a robust performance in 2011 with impressive growth across the key financial indicators. And with minimal exposure to the eurozone crisis, the region's banks are expected to continue their recovery from the global financial crisis.

Algerian finance minister Karim Djoudi meets French economy minister Christine Lagarde

Algeria puts up more barriers to foreign banks

November 24, 2010

Algeria's mid-year budget has further restricted the activities of foreign banks and businesses in the country, while shoring up regulations for domestic banks. Writer Richard Nield

Privatisation this time

February 5, 2007

Algeria has lightened its debt burden and foreign investors at last seem keen to invest in subsidiaries and privatisations, write Jon Marks and Nadine Marroushi.

Oil revenues aid recovery

November 7, 2005

Algeria is working hard to recover from years of civil war. Its twin aims of social reconciliation and fiscal reform include restructure of the financial services sector. James Eedes reports on progress.

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