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KCB extends its rivalry with Equity Group to the DRC

August 12, 2022

The Kenyan lender's acquisition of Trust Merchant Bank follows the Democratic Republic of Congo's formal entry into the East African Community.


BGFIBank's turnaround mission for the DRC

March 1, 2021

Managing director Marlene Ngoyi on the challenges of the DRC’s large unbanked population.

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DRC makes slow progress in path to financial inclusion

June 3, 2019

Financial inclusion figures are slowly improving in the DRC, but optimism prevails with regards to making faster progress.

Political stability could boost resurgent profits for DRC banks

January 31, 2019
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Signs of increasing political stability would be good news for the  economy  in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its banking sector, which has huge scope for growth. Kat Van Hoof reports.

African banks seek expansion beyond home markets

African banks seek expansion beyond home markets

May 1, 2012

African banks are increasingly looking outside of their domestic markets, and many of the continent's biggest lenders are now active in multiple countries, buoyed by greater access to vast unbanked populations and a more stable political environment.

JOSEPH KABILA, President Democratic Republic of Congo

April 4, 2005

Joseph Kabila has the world community on his side with debt relief and sustained aidflows in the pipeline.

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