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Credit risk tops Rwandan central bank’s priorities

February 22, 2021

The National Bank of Rwanda wants timely and accurate provisioning by lenders to avoid a cliff edge.

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John Rwangombwa: Delivering Rwanda's digital-driven economy, where everyone is a winner

January 2, 2019

Rwandan central bank governor John Rwangombwa explains how the government's drive to achieve a cashless society will benefit all levels of society by expanding financial inclusivity, increasing tax revenues and boosting grassroots businesses.

John Rwangombwa

CBG focuses on keeping Rwanda steady

August 1, 2014

Rwanda’s macroeconomic performance over the past decade has been impressive, and the central bank governor says that developing the country’s bond markets is crucial to ensuring that remains the case.

Rwanda’s banking sector heats up

August 1, 2014

Business is picking up for Rwanda’s banks following 2013’s slowdown. But competition is becoming more intense as foreign banks increasingly look to enter the fast-growing east African country. 

The slow emergence of an east African market

The slow emergence of an east African market

May 1, 2014

Regional integration, a painstakingly slow process across most of Africa, has started to gain momentum in east Africa, removing some obstacles for investors.

Into Africa: BNP enters new territory

BNP Paribas leads investors deeper into Africa

June 3, 2013

A sovereign bond issue by Rwanda took the capital markets into uncharted territory, but the syndicate team at BNP Paribas found investors keen to seize the opportunity to diversify their portfolios.

Are African investors getting ahead of themselves?

April 25, 2013

Rwanda's move into the capital markets may not prove to be a wise decision.

Rwanda’s battle to keep aid flowing

January 2, 2013

Rwanda’s government faces the prospect of aid being cut in the wake of allegations it supports militants across its border in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But finance minister John Rwangombwa is confident the country’s impressive economic progress in recent years will be sustained. 

Claver Gatete

National Bank of Rwanda governor averts inflation hike

April 2, 2012

Rwanda’s monetary authorities stood out from their east African peers in 2011 for managing to withstand the severe inflationary pressures buffeting the region. Claver Gatete, governor of the National Bank of Rwanda, explains how this was done and what the country's government is doing to lure more foreign direct investment.

Building work in Kigali, Rwanda

Rwandan banks seek to boost profitability amid high growth

March 1, 2012

Rwanda’s banks have benefited from the country’s rapid development since its genocide less than 20 years ago. With a high unbanked population and expectations of continued near double-digit economic growth, their rise is unlikely to slow soon. But the banks will have to boost their efficiency quickly if they want their profitability to match that of other east African lenders. 

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