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Is Cuba ready for a sanctions-free future?

October 3, 2016

The collapse of its key economic and political allies has prompted Cuba to re-engage with the international community. Moreover, the promise of an end to sanctions from long-time antagonist the US has given Western businesses the hope of valuable business deals – but can they see eye to eye? Silvia Pavoni reports.

Cuba's debt cloud

Debt cloud hovers over Cuba's reintegration plans

August 1, 2016

While Cuba is intent on updating its socialist economy and keen for the US embargo to be lifted, the workings of commercial creditors in pursuit of repayment reveal the extent of the challenges facing the country. This is sovereign debt restructuring, but not as we know it.

Is the time right for Cuba?

July 25, 2016

If the country is allowed the time it needs to sort out its debt issues, all could win in Cuba's post-sanctions landscape.


US-Cuban relations: progress, challenges and surprises

September 1, 2015

The announcement in December 2014 of a restoration of normal relations between Cuba and the US shocked many, and thus far very little opposition has been registered. However, this inactivity should not shroud the challenges that lie ahead for both countries, says Peter Hakim of Inter-American Dialogue.

US banks play it cool with Cuba

US banks play it cool with Cuba

February 2, 2015

The US's decision to normalise relations with Cuba promises to create new opportunities for American banks looking to expand. But, with the US government's changes still to be finalised, the country's banks are reacting cautiously.

Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada

Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada takes cautious approach over Cuba's potential oil riches

July 2, 2012

With Cuba facing another round of austerity measures, its population is pinning its hopes on vast quantities of oil being found in the drilling operations going on off the country's coast. However, the president of its national assembly remains cautious about any potential oil boom, and stresses that the country cannot neglect its agriculture and business sectors.

What the bankers say: Cuba

January 2, 2006

The Banker invites CEOs from around the world to discuss the economic climate in their country and institution, and their hopes for the future

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