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Unknown depths: North Korea has trillions of dollars’ worth of minerals and a relatively cheap and highly educated labour force, but leader Kim Jong Un’s tumultuous relationship with much of the Western world and the country’s global disconnect make any inward investment something of a gamble

Will North Korea ever become an emerging market?

April 2, 2013

Despite its isolationist circumstances, North Korea has been developing an informal market economy on the back of its highly educated labour force. But the state's ambivalence about foreign investment and its geopolitical intransigence make it difficult to know how far the inroads made by outside investment can reach.

Change is possible for North Korea

October 2, 2006

North Korea could turn around its economy but first it must tackle the nuclear issue, says Gerard Lyons.

Interview: Jang Song Il, Vice Minister of Finance

December 5, 2005

Q: What measures are you taking to improve the economic situation?
A: With the collapse of the Soviet Union 15 years ago all our economic relationships were destroyed and the DPRK was damaged a great deal.

Small steps towards the real world

December 5, 2005

On a visit to Pyongyang, Stephen Timewell examines the state of North Korea’s fledgling banking system, which is slowly developing in order to increase foreign trade.

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