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Eastern Europe gives Asia a run for its money

February 16, 2011

Erste Group CEO Andreas Treichl is comfortable that his Austrian bank represents a call option on prospects in central and eastern Europe.

Local markets await catalyst

January 31, 2011

Efforts are under way to allow corporate issuers in Poland to benefit from deep local bond markets.

Bank Zachodni

Fierce competition and weak foreign owners mean change for Poland's banks

January 31, 2011

Polish banks navigated the financial crisis in relatively good health. But fierce competition and weak foreign owners both suggest further consolidation in a market that is still fragmented.

Still on track? The EU flag is carried from Germany to Poland. How long it will take the euro currency to follow suit is up for debate

Poland seeks answers to the euro question

December 23, 2010

Polish policy-makers appear to be pushing the prospects for euro adoption further into the future. But this still leaves the country's banks with a dilemma about how to respond to client demand for retail loans in foreign currencies. Writer Philip Alexander

Finance minister Jacek Rostowski determined to reduce deficit

March 31, 2010

Poland has emerged as the most resilient economy in the EU during the global slowdown. However, The Banker's European Finance Minister of the Year is determined to stay ahead of the pack, and is now prioritising bringing down the country's budget deficit. Writer Philip Alexander


Right places, Right time

March 3, 2010

When it decided to sell a slice of copper miner KGHM, Poland's government turned to Deutsche Bank, hoping that it would give the deal a more international approach as well as getting the timing of a potentially delicate deal just right. Writer Edward Russell-Walling

Winners and losers in the downturn

January 5, 2009

One of the world’s fastest-growing regions during the boom years, eastern Europe became one of the major victims of the credit crunch as aggressive lending strategies turned sour. But there are still plenty of banks in a position to thrive. Writer Jan Cienski in Warsaw.

Warsaw vies with AIM for foreign IPO business

March 4, 2008

Poland’s thriving stock exchange is attracting eastern European companies seeking lower costs. Ben Aris reports.

Pekao comes out on top from epic amalgamation

February 4, 2008

Jan Cienski reports from Warsaw on the complex, drawn-out merger of Pekao SA and BPH – an alliance that has created the largest bank in Poland.

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