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Moscow millionaires

Russia’s rich bring it all back home

February 14, 2011

Russian wealth management clients are moving assets back onshore, as the country provides its richest citizens with tempting investment opportunities in their native land.

In a last-ditch attempt

Russia's pocket banks face tougher future

December 8, 2010

The collapse of International Industrial Bank, one of Russia's largest privately owned banks, could signal a tougher climate for Russian institutions that focus on related-party lending. Writer Philip Alexander

Russian top 10 bank collapses

December 1, 2010

Russia's central bank leaves bondholders on edge as one of the country's biggest banks goes under.

VTB swaps quantity for quality

July 28, 2010

Russia's second largest bank has grown its assets more than 30 times over the past 10 years, but its new chief financial officer explains that a more measured business strategy has altered the bank's wholesale funding priorities. Writer Philip Alexander

Russia's second-tier investment banks have ambitious plans

May 28, 2010

As Russian capital markets activity revives, second-tier investment banking groups have ambitious plans to share a larger slice of the business. But competition is tough. Writer Philip Alexander


New laws and new loans needed

May 5, 2010

There is considerable investor interest in the debt collection business in Russia, but achieving growth is not straightforward, even though the industry is still young. Writer Philip Alexander

Lean and liquid

May 5, 2010

The Russian consumer lending boom came to an abrupt end in late 2008, but convergence between consumer finance and traditional retail banking is providing the tools for sustainable growth. Writer Philip Alexander

Vladimir Dmitriev

March 31, 2010

State-owned development bank Vnesheconombank became a vital tool for the Russian government to combat the financial crisis, not only at home but also in neighbouring countries. The bank's chairman explains how it is exiting the assistance phase and preparing a long-term role in the economy. Writer Philip Alexander

Stage set for mergers

February 1, 2010

As the central bank of Russia tightens capital requirements, the country's Top 50 banks look set to continue accumulating capital and assets at the expense of smaller players. Writer Philip Alexander

Russia's ambitious plan for economic reform

February 1, 2010

The economic advisor to the Russian president explains why he is cautiously optimistic about the country's economic prospects for 2010. Interview by Philip Alexander.

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