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Privatisation comes of age in central and eastern Europe

Privatisation comes of age in central and eastern Europe

May 2, 2016

The south-eastern European states formerly associated with the Soviet Union have been slow to privatise state-owned assets when compared with their western European neighbours, but political reforms and softening attitudes mean fresh momentum is spurring a wave of long-delayed sell-offs in the region, particularly in Serbia and Slovenia.


Consolidation and stabilisation: Serbian finance minister's hopes for reforms

September 1, 2015

Serbia's economic struggles have been well documented over the past few years, with its fiscal deficit particularly worrying. The country's finance minister, Dušan Vujović, tells Stefanie Linhardt how the government's reforms are already advancing down a route he hopes will lead to full EU accession.

Crisis in Greece: the credit impact on south-eastern Europe

July 13, 2015

The turmoil in Greece is having an impact on financial markets throughout the eurozone, but this impact may be felt greater in its five neighbours where Greek banks have a particularly large presence: Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.

CEE a growing market for private equity

Central and eastern Europe: a growing market for private equity

June 1, 2015

Private equity investment in central and eastern Europe could be set to increase as investors look to capture the region’s potential as its economies return to growth. 

Austrian banks’ profits in CEE hit all-time low

May 22, 2015

For years, Austrian lenders Erste Bank and Raiffeisen Bank have enjoyed strong profits at their central and eastern European operations, but with growth in these economies slowing, more recent results suggest that they may need to rethink their strategies in the region.  

Consolidation pressure builds for Serbian banks

Consolidation pressure builds for Serbian banks

August 1, 2013

Subdued growth prospects and the uncertain future of some foreign parent banks looks set to impel the Serbian banking sector toward fewer, stronger players.

Bonds come in from the cold in eastern Europe

Bonds come in from the cold in eastern Europe

March 1, 2013

Although foreign banks may be reining in finance for their subsidiaries in central and eastern Europe, any transition to local currency bond financing looks likely to be gradual.

Rebuilding the Greek banking scene

January 3, 2013

A series of mergers will change the shape of the Greek banking sector, with three dominant players pulling away from the pack.

National Bank of Serbia

Serbia searching for new financing model

March 1, 2012

Corporate banking in Serbia remains under pressure from excess leverage, legal shortcomings and the absence of a capital market.

Signs point to bright future

July 1, 2008

Three elections in two years and an inflation overshoot are compounding the uncertainty for Serbia’s banks, but foreign players still see great potential. Nick Saywell reports from Belgrade.

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