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German banks hold firm in difficult times

July 4, 2022

While Germany’s banks face serious economic and geopolitical headwinds, they have been generating good profits and are well capitalised, so should be able to ride out the storm. 

German banks in good health but face increasing competition

July 4, 2022

Germany’s biggest lenders have remained stable during the past few years, but one of the major issues the country’s banks face is increased competition from peers in the eurozone.

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Germany's economic outlook darkens

June 30, 2022

The country’s economy is proving resilient but rising inflation, high energy prices and supply chain disruptions could spark a recession. 

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Bundesbank believes German banks will ride out the storm

June 29, 2022

The ability of Germany’s banks to stand firm against strong economic and geopolitical headwinds is a concern, but they should be able to cope.

French and German banks' fortunes diverge

September 21, 2021

French banks' in The Banker’s Top 1000 World Banks ranking outperform German rivals. 

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Solid fundamentals stand German banks in good stead

September 1, 2021

Hamburg Commercial Bank is Germany’s best-performer, leading a field that did well under tough conditions.

Commerzbank to slash branch network

February 1, 2021

Germany’s second largest bank plans to near-halve its branch network and cut workforce by a fifth. 

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Commerzbank bangs the drum for open banking

January 21, 2021

Head of API Christoph Berentzen on how bank is prioritising open banking principles.

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Germany greens its reference rate

December 1, 2020

Germany has made long-awaited green sovereign bond debut with innovative 'twin-bond' approach

German banks struggle to regain returns equilibrium

January 24, 2019
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Germany’s two biggest banks have struggled to regain their balance over the past few years. Talk of a tie-up between Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank is heating up again, though both lenders have a raft of issues to work through first. Kat Van Hoof reports.

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