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Maltese banks reel from Covid-19 tourism slump

September 24, 2021

The small Mediterranean country’s reliance on tourism-related activities led pre-tax profits to tumble last year at leading lenders.

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How small Malta makes a big European impact

September 3, 2018

Malta's influence on the wider European financial sector is a significant one. The Banker looks at how the country punches above its weight.

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Malta unveils tools to tackle fintech regulation

September 3, 2018

Malta claims to have established the world’s first regulatory regime for blockchain-enabled services, just as it welcomes a new wave of fintechs and electronic money issuers.

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Malta prepares for starring role on European stage

July 1, 2016

Malta’s economy was the second fastest growing in the EU last year, its financial sector is healthy and diversified, and it is about to play a leading lead role in Brussels, writes Michael Imeson.

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Malta extends its banking reach

March 23, 2011

Malta's domestic banking sector is small and follows traditional principles, yet a steadily growing international banking presence is capitalising on interesting new opportunities such as those presented by the island’s emerging fund management and insurance industries.

Michael Bonello, governor of the Central Bank of Malta

Malta's central bank plans for healthy future

March 22, 2011

Michael Bonello, the governor of the Central Bank of Malta, outlines his country’s key economic strengths, especially in the financial sector, and explains what is being done to remedy any weaknesses.

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Finance minister: Malta will maintain its momentum

March 22, 2011

Malta's finance minister, Tonio Fenech, explains how the country has expanded its economy beyond its banking sector as part of the country's Vision 2015 plan.

Malta's regulatory regime is firm but flexible

March 22, 2011

Malta has a robust regulatory framework, but it is also a place where things can get done, with the MFSA, the single regulator, willing to advise firms so that their projects comply with regulations.

Lawrence Gonzi, prime minister, Malta

Maltese prime minister on the benefits of the euro

March 22, 2011

Malta has done well out of EU and eurozone membership, with clear benefits accruing not only to the financial services sector, but also to tourism and other sectors, as its prime minister, Lawrence Gonzi, explains.

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Malta: a small island making a big impact

March 22, 2011

International comparison indices rate Malta’s financial sector highly, proof that the banks, funds, fund managers, insurance companies and other firms that have set up business in the EU’s smallest country have made a good choice. 

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