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Switzerland’s unique approach to ESG regulation

October 14, 2022

The alpine country has chosen a clever approach that simultaneously accommodates both domestic and foreign regulations.

Mortgages at Swiss banks rise as house prices jump

November 11, 2021

The four largest banks in the country have seen a steady increase in mortgage holdings over the past five years.

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Switzerland meets challenges with solutions

January 4, 2021

Switzerland’s financial centre faces its challenges with confidence, says Jörg Gasser, CEO of the Swiss Bankers Association.

Swiss ‘no’ does not end international debate on monetary reform

July 4, 2018

It is up to academics and policy-makers to educate the public on the benefits of greater state control of money supply, says Martin Brown, professor of banking at the University of St Gallen.

State-of-the-art wealth management requires industrialisation as its foundation

November 28, 2016

Implementing digitalisation and other solutions in wealth management requires an underlying industrialisation approach to be put in place first if significant efficiency gains and higher margins are to be achieved, write Kristof Trautwein and Pascal Gantenbein.

Post-Brexit lessons from Switzerland

What can a post-Brexit UK can learn from Switzerland?

November 1, 2016

At Sibos 2016 in late September, The Banker chaired a frank discussion of the challenges and options faced by the UK as it prepares to leave the EU, and whether it could take a leaf from the Swiss book. Dan Barnes reports.

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How Switzerland's financial sector copes outside the EU single market

September 1, 2016

Switzerland’s rise as a European financial centre has followed an unorthodox path. Danielle Myles looks at the various ways its banks access the EU market, why the model is under threat, and how the Swiss plans to exploit Brexit.

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Switzerland's populist salary-cap plan would not have paid off

November 25, 2013

A referendum in Switzerland has rejected a proposal that would have seen top executives at a company restricted to salaries of no more than 12 times that of its lowest earners. Had the idea met with popular approval, says Brian Caplen, everyone in the country would have lost out.

Global banks wait for regulatory stars to align

Global banks wait for regulatory stars to align

January 2, 2013

Banks that operate across borders must tackle differences between jurisdictions in a context where most regulators are intensifying the scrutiny of both balance sheet and strategy.

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Merchant traders adapt to new financial landscape

December 3, 2012

Despite well-publicised retrenchment in commodities finance by some European banks, merchant trading companies are still able to find sources of funding expand their business lines.

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