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The technological innovation behind making payments simple

The technological innovation behind making payments simple

December 3, 2012

At a recent round table hosted by The Banker, a panel of industry experts discussed the changing nature of technology and innovation with regards to economic and regulatory influences. The experts also considered how these factors shape the competitive landscape and create opportunities for co-operation. The event, the last in a four-part series, was sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland, but independently written and edited.

Should the brakes be applied to high-frequency trading?

November 26, 2012

The European Parliament wants high-frequency traders to hold stocks for half a second before selling to prevent a future stock market crash, but critics retort that slowing down trading is not a solution to the problem.

Christian Gosch

Erste CIO uses outside knowledge to lead bank's innovation

November 1, 2012

Erste Bank Group’s CIO and head of group organisation and IT, Christian Gosch, explains how the bank has modernised and standardised its core banking networks to optimise its operating model across central and eastern Europe


Corporates shape a new global transaction banking landscape

November 1, 2012

The global financial crisis caused many corporates to review their treasury operations, with a large number reducing banking partners and signing up to shared technology platforms. Such changes, combined with the introduction of new regulations, such as the Single European Payments Area, have left many banks rethinking their global transaction services.

Connecting the world

SEPA goes ahead despite technical uncertainties

October 1, 2012

A decade-old political vision to create a harmonised payments scheme across Europe is finally nearing its deadline. But the prospect of a Single European Payments Area never seemed so threatened by economic volatility or so opaque in regulatory direction.

Banks wake up to intraday liquidity challenge

Banks wake up to intraday liquidity management challenge

October 1, 2012

Market reforms are flooding the financial sector and banks are facing the challenge of managing their liquidity more efficiently. But the industry remains divided on best practice approaches to intraday liquidity management.

Banque du Liban’s reaps rewards from national payment system upgrade

October 1, 2012

Lebanon’s central bank recently went live with a national payment scheme. Ali Nahle, senior executive director and head of the IT department, talks about its success and discusses the national clearing house and government payment scheme, which are next on the agenda.

Front to back strategy: future-proofing operations

October 1, 2012

Deutsche Bank’s Mary Campbell, global head of cash and trade finance operations, and Marcus Sehr, global head of cash management for financial institutions, discuss the importance and evolution of operations in global transaction banking.

Correspondent banking under Dodd-Frank

Correspondent banking under Dodd-Frank, Section 1073: the new normal

October 1, 2012

The Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1073 is going to alter the practice of retail cross-border payments services – not just for US-based financial institutions but also for their correspondent banking relationships abroad. The deadline is near, but a practical solution to meet the requirements of the rule still seems far off. The Banker looks at some alternatives that have finally started to emerge.

Adel Al-Malki

QNB acts fast to capture Qatar's payments market

September 3, 2012

As Qatar's mobile payments market has rapidly changed, Qatar National Bank's adaption to and roll-out of new technology has had to change with it. The bank's general manager of information technology explains how it has managed to stay ahead of the game.

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