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Dubai Islamic Bank ready for Basel III

Islamic banks hold Basel III advantage

June 30, 2011

As banks prepare for the impact of Basel III regulations, many Islamic financial institutions are finding they already exceed the requirements.

Kuwait goes to the polls

Kuwait: a calm presence in an unsettled region

March 22, 2011

As political and social unrest spreads across many countries in the Middle East and north Africa, Kuwait – the Gulf region's only democracy – is making progress across many fields in a quiet and efficient manner.

Faisal Al Ayyar, vice-chairman, Kipco

The race to fill the Middle East's pensions gap

March 21, 2011

Funding retirement presents a challenge for governments in the Middle East and north Africa because of the vast numbers of people who will reach retirement age in the next 40 years – but it also offers opportunities for financial services providers.

Sheikh Salem Abdul Aziz Al-Sabah, central bank governor, Kuwait

Central Bank of Kuwait's precaution pays off

March 18, 2011

Sheikh Salem Abdul Aziz Al-Sabah, central bank governor of Kuwait, tells The Banker about the next steps in the country's economic development plan and how a regional single currency can become a reality.

Kuwait's National Assembly

Kuwait development plan points to bright future

March 15, 2011

The unrest across the Arab world and the subsequent rise in oil prices have impacted upon Kuwait, but the tiny Gulf country seems well insulated from such issues, thanks in part to its government-approved $100bn development plan.

Ibrahim Dabdoub, CEO, National Bank of Kuwait

Mixed results for Kuwaiti banks

March 14, 2011

The past year has seen the performance of Kuwait's banks vary. All, however, are hoping that the government-approved $100bn development plan will help breathe new life into the sector.

Alassane Ouattara, accepted as the winner of the recent election in Côte d’Ivoire by the UN

Africa engages the bond markets

February 22, 2011

Despite a sovereign default and the impact of rolling popular uprisings across north Africa, many are increasingly hopeful about the prospects for Africa's debt markets, as improving economic conditions and growing international appetite look set to underpin further new issuance.

Qatar Central Bank

Conventional banks face sharia restrictions in Qatar

February 21, 2011

Qatar's decision to ban conventional banks from operating sharia-based finance units within its financial jurisdiction has left observers concerned the central bank has set the wrong kind of precedent, one that is likely to create uncertainty in banking throughout the Middle East.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

UAE back in business

February 21, 2011

Rising oil prices and restructured debt deals have lifted the mood about the economic outlook for the United Arab Emirates. 

Emirates NBD

UAE banks: out of the woods and heading East

February 21, 2011

Hit hard by the credit and property bubbles that were at the epicentre of the global financial crisis, the United Arab Emirates' banks have since managed to shore up their stability and start to devise strategies for future growth. 

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