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A measure for sukuk

April 7, 2008

The Libor is being used as a benchmark for the performance of sukuk but a more meaningful alternative may be needed, writes Joe DiVanna.

The nature of innovation

April 7, 2008

As the Islamic finance sector becomes more competitive, innovation will be a key differentiator for attracting customers, writes Joe DiVanna.

Worldwide partnership

November 5, 2007

Long-term viability and sustainability will come from increased interoperation between sharia-compliant financial institutions throughout the world, says Joe DiVanna.

From emergence to innovation

November 5, 2007

Islamic finance has established solid roots in the Gulf states, Malaysia and Indonesia and is set for a roll-out to the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, with all the challenges that this entails. 

TOP 500 Islamic Institutions

November 5, 2007

How fast is the Islamic finance industry growing? The Banker attempts to answer this question with the launch of a new listing: Top 500 Islamic Financial Institutions. The pioneering role of the listing is to provide a benchmark for the future, which can be improved on for the good of the industry. Better disclosure is expected to flow from the publication of listings such as this as greater competition puts pressure on institutions to increase transparency in this area. Stephen Timewell and Joe DiVanna report.

Sheep herding

October 1, 2007

Are the ‘irrational’ clients of Northern Rock the kind of customers rival banks should be opening their arms to, asks Joe DiVanna.

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