Latest articles from Natasha de Teran

Managed account platform pioneers

July 3, 2006

Natasha de Teran looks inside the world of alternative investment managed account platforms and finds out who’s new, who’s top and why?

Sweetspot is buzzing

July 3, 2006

With related earnings soaring, the equity derivatives business has become one of the hottest areas to work in, writes Natasha de Teran.

Over-the-counter service

June 5, 2006

To meet the demands of hedge funds for over-the-counter instruments, a new and hugely lucrative prime brokerage service has emerged. Natasha de Teran examines OTC intermediation.

An opportunity to gain from emissions reduction plan

April 3, 2006

Carbon emissions trading may not seem an obvious market for banks to tap, but growing numbers are doing so. And, far from being a ‘fad’, emissions trading appears to fit well into banks’ wider businesses.

Seeking a wider audience for sophisticated products

February 6, 2006

Variance and volatility swaps have been among products to capture the minds of sophisticated derivatives players in recent years. Now bankers, index providers and their exchange counterparts are seeking to create standardised, simpler versions of the instruments to widen their uptake. 

Kick-starting the property derivatives market

November 7, 2005

Together with a growing band of property sector professionals, bankers are working to kick-start the fledgling property derivatives market. Natasha de Teran explores the market’s current development and its future potential.

Innovative techniques for funding

November 7, 2005

European lending institutions are increasingly using securitisation and the covered bond market in tandem as a means of reaping the advantages of the different tools. Natasha de Teran explains.

UK cultivates property derivatives market

October 3, 2005

Many believe that property-linked instruments are poised to become the next big thing in the derivatives market – but they are not sure when. In the first of two articles, The Banker looks at how the market is likely to evolve.Natasha de Teran reports.
Concerns about overheating in the UK property market have been as widespread over the past few years as they ever have been, with many fearing the worst from the record rise in asset prices.

A really useful instrument?

September 5, 2005

Credit derivatives were supposed to redistribute banks’ credit risk but how much of that risk has been transferred outside the banking sector is unknown. Does it matter? 

Carmakers’ downgrades lead to risk management pile-up

August 1, 2005

The rapid growth of the credit derivatives market, and its seemingly unending appetite for complexity, has meant banks and investors have had to work hard to keep their risk management practices up to scratch. What can they learn from recent events in the ailing US car industry? Natasha de Teran investigates.

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