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Emerging Europe suffers loan loss pains

July 25, 2013
Top 20 non-performing loan ratios in 2012

A growing number of central and eastern European economies are struggling with high non-performing loan ratios. But bad loans do not always equate to poor profits.

Where are the world’s most productive bankers?

July 15, 2013
Average compensation per employee 2012

Western investment bankers live up to their reputation for having the highest pay in the banking sector, but do they justify the expense with the profits they generate?

Andris Vilks

Finance minister brings Latvia in from the cold

July 1, 2013

The Banker’s Finance Minister of the Year for Europe 2013 won his award thanks to a successful and determined fiscal adjustment programme. He explains how moving early is now allowing Latvia to look beyond austerity.

Leading the way: French insurance giant Axa is a pioneering force in direct lending by insurance companies

Making the link for non-bank lenders

July 1, 2013

Bank deleveraging in Europe creates an opportunity for institutional and private investors to enter direct lending to a range of sectors, and there are plenty of new approaches and structures emerging.

Stanley Fischer

Bank of Israel turns theory into practice

July 1, 2013

Stanley Fischer's time as Bank of Israel governor has coincided with dramatic changes in global thinking about the role of central banks. He looks back on how his work has evolved, and what still needs to be done to secure the future.

Financial market regulation – the letters of the law

Financial market regulation – the letters of the law

July 1, 2013

Across all asset classes and from retail to sophisticated clients, new regulations agreed at the international, regional and national level are occupying an increasing share of business managers’ time. The Banker crystallises the latest thinking on the acronyms that are keeping financial market participants awake at night.

Portfolio managers respond to uncertain times

July 1, 2013

With markets lacking a clear directional trend, uncertainty over the scale of global central bank interventions and an ongoing wave of regulatory initiatives, asset allocation must remain highly adaptable. Five European portfolio managers explain their responses to the changeable conditions.

European Council leaves buy-side in the dark

July 1, 2013

A compromise proposal brokered by the Irish government would limit the proportion of EU equities traded in unlit venues. But critics say it is unnecessary and unworkable.

Boldly going: election campaign posters of Israeli-Arab candidates running for the parliamentary elections in the Galilee region of Israel; the Arabic people of this area, estimated to make up 20% of the population, are a growth market for Bank Hapoalim as it seeks new opportunities for its retail operations

Israeli banks changing course

July 1, 2013

Israel has a well-regulated banking sector that came through the financial crisis in good shape, but margins are tight and its largest banks are searching for ways to improve growth and returns.

NPL woes continue for European lenders

July 1, 2013

Asset quality in Greece deteriorated sharply, while remaining weak in Spain, Ireland and Slovenia. By contrast, non-performing loans are falling steadily in the US.

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