View from Sibos 2015


Date: 12th - 15th October, 2015
Location: Singapore

The Banker is proud to be a media sponsor of Sibos 2015, partnering the world's premier banking and finance resource with one of the key events in the finance industry.

Sibos is the annual conference, exhibition and networking event organised by SWIFT for the financial industry. It brings together business leaders, decision makers and topic experts from a range of financial institutions, market infrastructures, multinational corporations and technology partners.

Brian Caplen and Joy Macknight, editors of The Banker will cover the key themes and discussions from the event.

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Latest videos from Sibos 2015 in Singapore

Joy Macknight, transaction banking and technology editor, and Brian Caplen, editor, of The Banker discuss the highlights from Sibos 2015, held in Singapore.

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Interview with CEO of SWIFT, Gottfried Leibbrandt - View from SIBOS 2015


The Banker's editor Brian Caplen asks Swift CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt about the agenda for Sibos 2015 Singapore.

Transaction Bankers

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The search for a solution to the hidden payments conundrum

The World Payments Report 2015 states that hidden payments are now too big to ignore. Brian Caplen says that banks and regulators must take note.

Faster and wider: the new banking model

Mobile banking and instant payments have been the hot topics at Sibos, with their commercial viability becoming increasingly evident to banks.

The time is ripe for China to 'own' the technology space

China's tech capabilities are evident in a number of areas, particularly e-commerce. Brian Caplen looks at what the county needs to do to demonstrate its technological might on a global scale.

TPP to benefit a third of global economy

Signatories hope the landmark trade deal will bolster trade worldwide after a tepid recovery from the crisis.

From World / Africa

Will China's New Silk Road progress smoothly?

China's One Belt, One Road initiative – building a new Silk Road between western Europe and China's east coast as well as improving the Maritime Silk Road – will be a major game changer for international trade. Stefania Palma assesses its possible impact.

The ever-changing landscape of transaction banking

The transaction banking environment is complex and constantly changing, writes Michael Imeson. Much of what is happening, such as the growth in real-time payments systems, is for the greater good. But there are dangers lurking in all areas of payments – wholesale, commercial and retail – especially in cyberspace.

Locking out the bad guys

Cyber security: locking out the bad guys

Cyberspace is a dangerous place for banks, with the risk of payments fraud, data theft, denial-of-service attacks and other crimes high. So what are banks and the regulators doing to improve cyber security in the sector?

The challenges of keeping pace with technology

The challenges of keeping pace with technology

The speed at which technology advances is almost impossible for regulation-laden banks to keep up with. This makes judging which technological innovations created by more nimble, pure tech companies to adopt all the more important.

Gottfried Leibbrandt

Swift CEO sees further opportunities in Asia and Africa

In advance of Sibos 2015 in Singapore, Swift chief executive Gottfried Leibbrandt talks to Brian Caplen about progress in payments and the society's developments in Asian and African markets.

The great talent migration

The great talent migration: how Asia-Pacific lenders are taking the top bankers

The past year has seen Asia-Pacific banks attracting top transaction banking talent away from global institutions. What is triggering a reverse migration from global to regional? Joy Macknight investigates.


Has the renminbi's internationalisation rise been thrown off course?

The renminbi is now the world's fifth most popular international payment currency, and has the fourth placed Japanese yen in its sights. Financial policy reform and the introduction of new clearing centres have been crucial to this rise, but will the troubles the Chinese economy has experienced in the past few months derail its progress?

Lisa Robins, Deutsche Bank

Corporate cash management: the Asian challenge

As China steps up its currency liberalisation programme, corporates are having an easier time managing their cash across Asia as a whole. But staying abreast of the changing regulatory regimes in different jurisdictions continues to be a challenge.

From World / Americas

De-risking Latin America

Regulators’ attempts to crack down on illicit activities are pushing foreign banks out of correspondent relations or entire Latin American and Caribbean markets. Silvia Pavoni looks at what the long-term impact of this will be on the region’s international banking activities.


One small step towards innovation at Standard Chartered

Anju Patwardhan took up her role as the first chief innovation officer at Standard Chartered in July. And the move from risk to innovation was just a short hop, she tells Joy Macknight.


Transaction Banking Awards 2015

This year’s Transaction Banking Awards sees entrants innovating to overcome the challenges of uncertain markets.

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