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BPI affair exposes European banks

October 3, 2005

We have already seen how an over-ambitious acquisition attempt by Banca Popolare Italiana (BPI) has led to grief. Leave aside the allegations of price fixing and wrong doing in the buying of Antonveneta shares that is currently being investigated by Milan magistrates.

Trapped rabbits might hop soon

October 3, 2005

The tyranny of the credit markets may be nearing an end. For some while now, CEOs have been so nervous about the ratings and performance of their bonds that they have been rather like rabbits trapped in a car’s headlights… too scared to move.

A new market in the making

October 3, 2005

ABN AMRO has established a new market in its home country with the launch of Holland’s first structured covered bond.By Edward Russell-Walling.

BoA team plays its TruPS card

October 3, 2005

Bank of America is always interested in diversification, leading it to do more issues in non-dollar markets. Its team came up with the idea of issuing US trust preferred securities in sterling and achieved upper Tier 2 pricing despite a Tier 1 classification. Edward Russell-Walling finds out how the team did it.

Plugging the holes in the sovereign balance sheet

October 3, 2005

Government debt managers have become renowned for their clever financial gimmicks but is theend to what some commentators dub ‘fiscal massaging’ in sight? Geraldine Lambe investigates.

Jay Levine

October 3, 2005

Niche bond firm Greenwich Capital has a mutually beneficial relationship with parent bank Royal Bank of Scotland, as co-CEO Jay Levine explains to Sophie Roell.

Drive for project finance

October 3, 2005

Buoyant bond and stock markets, as well as legal complications, have discouraged project finance growth. But, as Ben Aris reports from Moscow, the sector is predicted to grow swiftly in the near future.

Too much money, not enough sense

September 5, 2005

Anti-fraud initiatives can end up making the banking environment more risky rather than less, claims David Porter, head of security and risk for the consultancy Detica.

Giant mango sellers beware the MiFIDs

September 5, 2005

Bankers are invited to watch a horror movie called Day of the MiFIDs. These are Brussels-based MiFIDs that became so enthused by the idea of a transparent market that they decided to implement it by force across the whole of the European empire.

Why solutions come after the crises

September 5, 2005

Economists are concerned about the failure of the price mechanism in international capital markets. Governments are highly indebted, it is said, and interest rates and bond yields are not rising to the occasion.

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