Functional banking magic

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The past 20 years have seen an explosion of cool tech, shiny digital apps and progressive business models, not all have migrated successfully to traditional banking. Have we lingered too long in the glittering halls of cutting edge? Have we forgotten the real goals of reliable, trustworthy, and functional banking? Is it time to find the real magic in building a bank that works?

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Banking in transition


As the world began to come to terms with the new normal under a global pandemic in 2021, The Banker's editors conducted exclusive interviews covering the latest trends and developments in capital markets, risk management, transaction banking, sustainability and green finance, and technology.

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Banking under pressure 


The global pandemic shocked the world and banks had to react quickly to the new market dynamics, making a mass shift to digitally serving their customers and supporting staff. Exclusive interviews and analysis from The Banker covers how the banking industry adapted during 2020.

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