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Bank break-up

November 3, 2003

Banks are busy deconstructing in the face of competition, outsourcing key processes in the search for higher efficiency and lower costs.
Chris Skinner wonders whether they will end up becoming shells of their former selves.

Private banks fail to keep the customers satisfied

November 3, 2003

A new survey reveals that many private bank clients are dissatisfied with the services they receive, mainly due to middle and back office failures. If the banks do not act quickly not only could they lose custom but service providers could also suffer mandate losses. Roxane McMeeken investigates.

GSS Notes

November 3, 2003

Euroclear plans business contingency revamp
Settlement system Euroclear plans to implement a new business
continuity programme built on a framework of three data centres to
store and process transactions. Euroclear maintains that the
arrangements will enable each of its entities to resume their technical
operations within one hour of a local disaster, such as a fire or a
bomb, or within three hours of a major regional disaster that disables
both primary data centres. It will also be able to work in its new
business contingency environment for up to two years.

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