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Republic Bank

Top 50 Caricom Banks ranking 2016: growth plateaus while profits rise in the Caribbean

August 1, 2016

Caribbean lenders still face challenges to growth, as shown in The Banker's Top 50 Caricom Banks ranking for 2016, but many have turned the corner in terms of profits. 

Warren Smith

Caribbean Development Bank president looks to more diverse, recession-free future

March 4, 2015

Slowly but surely, the Caribbean is emerging from a long and painful recession. The president of the Caribbean Development Bank, Warren Smith, explains how diversifying the region's economy beyond tourism and establishing a renewable energy sector will help protect against future crises. 

CDB president prepares for future storms

CDB president prepares for future storms

August 1, 2014

The financial crisis hit the Caribbean hard, with the region only recently starting to recover. Now that the worst is over, the president of the Caribbean Development Bank is looking to build a more sustainable future, encouraging projects that minimise the effects of natural disasters and develop the region's renewable energy potential.

Economic troubles weigh on Caribbean banks

Economic troubles weigh on Caribbean banks

August 1, 2013

Bank earnings across the Caribbean are down, as the region's lenders continue to struggle against a difficult economic backdrop. But there are still some bright spots, with a handful of banks managing to boost their asset base and retain impressive profitability.

TEASER-Banks battle impact of Caribbean economic woes

Banks battle impact of Caribbean economic woes

August 1, 2012

Growing public debt, falling GDP rates and rising unemployment are casting a shadow over the Caribbean region. Banks are responding by raising capital and many are still delivering good returns.

Barbados ready for challenges ahead

November 24, 2010

Barbados's central bank governor describes how the country is confident it can tackle the challenges of high unemployment, low FDI and a rise in public debt. Writers Jane Monahan and Brian Caplen

Low-tax not no-tax

January 2, 2006

Barbadian bankers are of one mind that a light touch regime combined with transparency is better than a ‘no-tax and secrecy’ culture. Tom Blass explains.

Good for business

January 2, 2006

Barbados has succeeded in its plan to become a regional international business hub and attract a host of different enterprises by ensuring its legal framework and tax system are both robust and transparent.

Winds of change

January 2, 2006

Barbados is a bellwether for a new phenomenon – the growth of Caribbean pan-regional banks through the acquisition of local players. Tom Blass explains.

Reasons to celebrate

January 2, 2006

After several recessions, Barbados is bouncing back, and the government’s moves to strengthen the financial sector and bring in foreign investment are paying off.

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