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The facade of a branch of Banistmo bank

Panama’s banks at a crossroads

January 31, 2023

The country has developed a resilient banking sector over the years, but challenges such as falling behind in competitiveness and Gafilat’s grey-listing remain.

Portrait of Héctor Alexander

Panama’s economic minister on the country’s economic challenges

January 24, 2023

Héctor Alexander, Panama’s minister of economy and finance, discusses the country’s economic outlook and its most pressing issues, such as the crisis in its pension system.

A cityscape of Panama City in the daytime

Panama faces an economic fight to preserve its status in Latam

January 18, 2023

While economic growth is back on track, the country needs to address the sustainability of its social security system, assure the viability of its mining sector and fix long-term challenges in its labour market.

Bad loan risks rise at Panamanian banks

September 22, 2021

MMG Bank Panama saw its non-performing loan ratio rise to 12.8% in 2020. 

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How mutual trust and respect will enhance the Latam-China relationship

November 1, 2019

Latin America’s increasing interest in attracting Chinese investments, tourists and commerce is matched by China’s growing presence in the region, says Panama's former vice-president and foreign minister.

Dulcidio De La Guardia teaser

Tax and narcotics dominate Panama finance minister's agenda

July 4, 2018

The finance minister of Panama, Dulcidio De La Guardia, is seeking international co-operation to help the country tackle issues such as tax evasion and drug trafficking. In addition, he tells Silvia Pavoni, he is also looking to the UK to assist in cultivating an environment in which fintechs can thrive.

Panama Papers expose a tale of data leaks and toothless bodies

April 24, 2016

Progress in cleaning up offshore financial centres should be driven by international jurisdictions not the leaking of documents.


Top 100 Central American Banks: Foreign-owned banks tap into Panama’s growth

March 1, 2016

Panama retains its position as one of the best markets for banking in Central America, but success stories can also be found in Nicaragua and Guatemala.


Top 200 Latin American banks ranking 2015: Argentina and Brazil press on in hard times

November 2, 2015

The Banker’s Top 200 Latin American banks ranking for 2014 sees Brazilian institutions stay on top, while Argentina maintains its status as most profitable, despite mounting challenges. 

Top Central American banks ranking

Top 100 Central American banks ranking: Colombian-owned banks loosen their grip

March 1, 2015

While BAC Panama remained in top position, other Colombian-owned lenders fared less well in the Top 100 Central American Banks ranking, leaving the way open for Panamanian, Costa Rican and Guatemalan banks to make up ground.

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