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Paving the way for a market revival

May 5, 2010

Thomas Fang, head of Greater China risk management products intermediary sales at UBS

The Asian structured products market is slowly rebuilding itself after the fallout from the global financial crisis. High-net-worth investors are getting their risk appetite back but providers are having to structure shorter-term products in order to win business. Writer Michael Marray

Asset managers set their own terms

May 5, 2010

Azad Mahavar, head of structured products for the UK market at BNP Paribas in London

A growing number of institutional investors are using structured products to generate extra yield, but they are demanding greater transparency and liquidity of structured products than ever before. Writer Michael Marray

New products for the FX basket

March 31, 2010

Whether it is algorithmic models or simple pay-offs based on baskets of currencies, currency trades are proving to be increasingly popular with buyers of structured products looking to complement their equities, commodities and fixed-income investments. Writer Michael Marray

The differing strategies of Germany's private banks

December 30, 2009

Deutsche Bank's planned takeover of Sal Oppenheim will leave the German private banking sector dominated by two key players. However, Deutsche and Commerzbank are pursuing very different strategies. Writer Michael Marray

Building an alternative to hedge funds

May 5, 2009

As investors lose patience with high fees and long lock-ups at hedge funds, demand is growing for structured products to replicate their strategies. Writer Michael Marray
Yoshiki Ohmura, head of GAM Structured Investments in Zurich

Europe looks East for investors

April 7, 2009

Asian central banks are still key customers for European issuers, even if their reserve growth is slowing. The move out of emerging market currencies and sterling is also giving a boost to euro-denominated issues. Writer Michael Marray

Merger fever hits Germany’s big five

October 6, 2008

The Dresdner and Postbank deals look like big news and might increase competitiveness, but what effect will they really have on the German banking landscape? Writer Michael Marray.

Still popular in a riskier world

May 5, 2008

Stock market turbulence has not swayed high-net-worth investors away from structured products in emerging markets, which bring them excellent returns, but they are being forced to adjust to the new environment, writes Michael Marray.

The world paper chase

May 5, 2008

Market unrest has helped Asian investors to buy AAA rated paper from Europe at best-ever prices, yet there is growing competition from around the world, reports Michael Marray.

Splitting headache

April 7, 2008

Following market swings during the crisis, traditional covered bond issuers have called for the market to be split in two to recognise that these bonds have performed better. Michael Marray looks at the problem.

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