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Survival tools at the ready

March 4, 2008

This time, Mexico looks as though it is prepared for the downturn of the US economy. Monica Campbell reports.

Poll star

September 3, 2007

Incumbent president Leonel Fernández is the clear favourite to win next year’s election, but his prospects will suffer if a US downturn and higher oil prices hit the economy. Monica Campbell reports.

Calderón drives ahead with major reforms

August 1, 2007

Mexico’s president Felipe Calderón has put last year’s rocky election behind him by implementing a package of measures designed to put his country back on a firm financial footing. Monica Campbell reports.

Infrastructure insufficiency

March 5, 2007

Guatemala’s poor infrastructure puts off investors and makes the country less able to fully profit from free-trade deals. Monica Campbell explains why, with elections looming, little change is likely for the time being.

Coming out of the mire

March 5, 2007

Two banks collapse and someone forgets to replenish the nation’s cash supply – tough times for Guatemala’s financial system. But as Monica Campbell reports, there is some cause for optimism.

Zone backbone

September 4, 2006

Uruguay’s free trade zone, Zonamerica, is bringing in much-needed investment, although it has its critics. Monica Campbell reports.

Financial sector bucks up

September 4, 2006

Banks are posting healthy results in an improving economy, financial reforms are under way and there are plans to develop the capital markets. Monica Campbell reports.

A return to health

September 4, 2006

Monica Campbell reports from Montevideo on the new Uruguayan government’s successful efforts to revive the economy and strengthen the banking sector.

Bankers drag their feet on microfinance front

April 3, 2006

Despite international progress on microfinancing initiatives and good results in Mexico’s microcredit industry, Mexican banks are still not keen to lend to the poor. Monica Campbell reports from Mexico City.

Time to consolidate

March 6, 2006

Guatemala’s growing banking sector needs to consolidate to remain competitive, especially as foreign banks are eyeing up the country. Monica Campbell reports from Guatemala City.

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