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China and Africa’s mutual back scratching

June 4, 2007

A 10-fold increase in bilateral trade means China is set to eclipse Europe and the US as the main foreign actor in Africa.

Chinese model inspires AfDB

May 7, 2007

China provides an example of growth-driven modernisation that Africans can aspire to, writes Kevin Godier.


April 2, 2007

KPMG highlights the growth of China’s consumer banking markets while Mercer Oliver Wyman outlines the benefits that can be derived from Basel II implementation beyond simple regulatory compliance.

Subtle implications of full market access

April 2, 2007

While China’s lifting of restrictions on the operation of international banks will not result in branches opening on every Chinese high street, it does present significant opportunities, says Stephen Green.

Securitisation makes headway

February 5, 2007

With the relevance of developing a securitisation market in China unclear and demand in doubt, a second batch of pilots is nevertheless in the offing. Samantha Lafferty reports.


February 5, 2007

IIF forecasts a fall in private capital inflows into emerging markets; the IMF assesses foreign influence on Chinese banking.

Building domestic asian bond markets

January 8, 2007

Regional co-operation through the Asian Bond Fund initiatives will make intermediation between savings and investment increasingly effective in the region, says Joseph Yam.

A foot in China’s door

January 8, 2007

Asia is just one of the regions where BBVA wants to grow its footprint. CEO Francisco González tells Karina Robinson what buying stakes in China’s CITIC banks will achieve.

Pivotal times in geopolitics

January 8, 2007

The impact of events in 1979 continues to reverberate in the changing balance of power between the West and the East. Christopher Coker considers the consequences as China’s influence is felt through the world.

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