In The Banker Masterclass video series we consider the next decade of banking by uncovering some of the most exciting developments in green trade finance, supply chain finance and correspondent banking.

    For banks, the future is already here. In a rapidly changing world, in which the old ways of doing business are no longer tenable, forward-thinking lenders are developing new offerings and adapting existing services to maintain their competitive edge.

    The Banker Masterclass is sponsored by Societe Generale but independently edited.

    In discussion:

    • The correspondent banking landscape: The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the contemporary correspondent banking landscape.
    • Rethinking correspondent banking: The future of correspondent banking and the ways in which banks and new entrants are rethinking the traditional business model.
    • Green trade finance: The development of green trade finance, including efforts to develop globally recognised standards and meet surging customer demand.
    • Supply chain finance: The outlook for supply chain finance in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and the steps banks are taking to better serve their clients in a changing world.

    In conversation with:

    • James King, Europe editor, The Banker
    • Jean-François Mazure, head of cash clearing & correspondent banking, Societe Generale
    • Marie-Laure Gastellu, global head of trade finance & services, Societe Generale

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