Optimising working capital to finance innovation - Video -

The Banker's Fresh Perspectives video series looks at the importance of working capital management for corporates, and how through collaboration with their banks it is possible to open up to new business opportunities.

Through efficient working capital management programmes, corporates can free up the funds to engage in new business developments.

With predictions of lower gross domestic product globally, finding ways to best utilise working capital can keep companies profitable. By freeing up working capital, companies open up opportunities to increase investment into their business to set them apart from their peers. As payments modernise and move towards just in time transactions, having adequate levels of capital available at all times is becoming vital for smooth business operations. 

In conversation with:

John Ahearn, global head of trade, Citi

In discussion:

Optimising working capital to finance innovation: John Ahearn, global head of trade at Citi, talks to The Banker's Kimberley Long about the importance of working capital and what clients can do to improve their strategies.

Citi fresh perspectives right rail 2019

Why Working Capital Matters:

A Glimpse Into the Shifting Global Environment and How Working Capital Efficiencies Can Help Drive Change 

The world is changing. Fifteen years ago, it seemed that corporate CEOs were leading their companies in a time of stronger global economic growth. Not surprisingly, capturing that growth was a key priority. Today’s environment appears different – growth is still a priority, but it can be harder to achieve as the global economy slows. Today’s corporate leadership appears to be shifting priorities, and new metrics to measure success have emerged. In the current environment, efficiency is a key focus.

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